What Does Alexa White Ring Mean?

Alexa White Ring
Alexa White Ring

Alexa is a fantastic virtual voice assistant AI that helps you with your everyday home automation tasks using voice commands. By simply giving a command to Alexa through voice, you can get plenty of things done in a quick and simple manner.

A device called Amazon Echo is used to house Alexa’s AI. There is no physical thing called Alexa as it is purely an AI. This is why using a device like Amazon Echo is mandatory for properly using Alexa to its full potential. There are different versions of Amazon Echo available in the market, each used for different purposes.

Alexa White Ring

While using Alexa, different colors of rings may show up on the Amazon Echo device, depending on the state of the device. These rings indicate different types of activities.

However, a weird case has been reported among users where they have reported that users suddenly are seeing a white ring on their Echo device. This can be due to plenty of reasons. In this article, we will be explaining to you when and why a white ring shows on your Alexa.

What’s It Mean?

Normally, a white ring on an Amazon Echo device refers to the volume being at maximum. This means whenever you are tuning up your volume. Once you reach the maximum volume, it will show you a white ring which basically means that you have turned the volume rocker to the maximum speed.

So, in most cases, a white ring on Alexa isn’t anything out of the ordinary. So, usually, you don’t have to worry about anything when you see a white ring on your device.

But What If It’s Showing White Ring Constantly?

Now that we have explained how white ring works on Echo devices, it is vital that we move on to the main issue here. Quite a few users have experienced this problem where even after unplugging and leaving the device alone for days, there is still a white ring on the device. This has left many users concerned.

Thing is, there is nothing wrong with the device. The white ring is showing probably because of the guard mode left turned on. As whenever Alexa’s in guard mode, a white ring will show on the device. So, to make the white ring vanish, simply ask Alexa to turn off guard mode.

To do so, you will need to tell Alexa that you are at home. Once Alexa learns about you being home, it will automatically turn off guard mode. Now, there shouldn’t be a white ring on the device.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we have explained to you what the white ring on Alexa means. In whatever case, a white ring shouldn’t be a thing you need to worry about. The only two times it shows on Alexa is when you are at maximum volume, or the guard mode is turned on.

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  1. My Echo Dot flashes a white light most nights at about 2.30am for 2 seconds. Why? It is shut down and the house is asleep.


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