3 Ways To Fix Alexa Skills Not Working

Alexa Skills Not Working
Alexa Skills Not Working

Alexa is one of the smartest voice-controlled assistants out there by Amazon that has gained huge popularity and has turned out to be undoubtedly the best thing out there. It is capable of doing wonders and will make your life simply much more convenient and better.

Alexa is changing lives and has revolutionized the smart home experience, making it better for everyone out there. There are also tons of add-ons that would enhance your experience with Alexa and allow you to have the full edge of it.

What are Alexa Skills?

Alexa Skills are the applications that would allow you to add more abilities to Alexa and make her smart. Think of it like all the things that are not by default in Alexa, you can have them installed into it and have the perfect advantage from these. Now, there is not anything from Amazon that stops you from using these skills and you can either create your own skills by logging in to your Amazon account or you can download from the tons of custom-made skills out there on the internet and add them to your account.

However, if you are not able to make these Alexa Skills work for you, there is no need to be worried about it, and here is how you can fix it.

Alexa Skills Not Working

1. Set Them Up Properly

If you are not experienced with this kind of stuff or don’t have done this before, you might need to have the right expertise as there are high chances you will mess it up one way or another. So, you need to follow the exact instructions as they are mentioned on the Amazon website or any third-party developer who has worked on the particular skill if you have made it.

If you are making any skill from the scratch using the Amazon Website, you will need to set it up the right way. Setting up matters the most and precision is the key behind making these skills work. You can end up doing more damage than good if you have not configured the settings properly.

2. Check For Compatibility

There are different versions of Alexa out there and the devices have lots of variety too. So, you might not have the right version for the skill that you are trying to install if it is not working for you. So, make sure that your amazon device supports Alexa and your Alexa version on it also supports skills. Once you make that sure, you will also need to check on the skill that you are installing and if it is compatible with the device that you might have.

3. Restart The Device

Once you have set up everything perfectly, you might need to restart the device and that will solve all the problems for you. Performing the right reboot is the key. If you are having some trouble with the skills there, you will need to turn your device off, let it sit for a while, and then power it up again. Once you have restarted the device, it will reboot all the components on it and the software as well. This will start over the process and you will be getting the Alexa Skills working on your device.

Some Detailed Troubleshooting

Now, once you have tried everything out there and you are still not able to make it work. You might need to pinpoint the problem and do some detailed troubleshooting to make it work for you.

To start with, you will need to verify that your device is on the correct profile. This profile should be the same that you have used to link your amazon account. The same account will ensure that all the skills that you have linked from the Amazon website are on your device and you will be able to use them effectively.

Another thing that you can try is to disable and enable the specific skill if it is not working out for you and that will essentially solve the problem for you. Login to your amazon account, toggle the button on your skill with Amazon and you will be able to make it work once you reboot the device after repeating this process.

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