Lutron Diva Vs Maestro (Differences Between Lutron Diva And Maestro)

Lutron Diva Vs Maestro
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Lutron Diva Vs Maestro

Well, smart home appliances have a long list to choose from. From having the ambient bulbs to smart fire alarms and a complete smart home module, you can get numerous things to get the convenience your deserver for your home. The innovation in technology has opened a way for these devices and a wide range of such smart devices are being developed and introduced out there in the market. Lutron Diva and Maestro are two options that you can choose in for smart switch options that provide you extended control over your lighting.

These switches are just the perfect choice to get if you are looking for something beyond the ordinary and want to have a convenient and more pleasurable experience with the lighting in your home. To have a look at these both, here is a comparison based on features, pros, and cons.

Lutron Diva Vs Maestro

Lutron Diva is a device from the Lutron smart switch series. There are other options available from Lutron as well, but it severs the purpose right as it is the most comparable one with Maestro having a few similarities and some differences as well. The Diva is compatible with thousands of bulbs and has been tested extensively with all the major brands. You also get to see a compatibility chart so you can be aware of the right bulb choices and buy wisely for your home.

The best thing about Diva is the switching module, it uses a slider mechanism that is highly sensitive and provides over 250 lighting levels. That means you don’t have to choose between the pre-set lighting intensity optionally and you get to choose whatever you feel like. In addition to that, it can work with up to 150 watts of dimmable bulbs and up to 600 watts of Halogen bulbs. It uses Lutron’s patented technology that optimizes the dim range of your bulb without causing any interference with any other dimmers in your home.

Another great perk that you get on this bulb is that it can be programmed to connect with up to 17 bulbs. You can also have two separate switches installed in two different locations that allow you to control the lighting from any off the switch that you might want to. Installation is pretty easy as well, and you can enjoy having a smooth installation process within 15 minutes.

Maestro is another great switch option that you can get from Lutron smart switch options. It is also on the budget side of these smart switches so you cannot expect it to have all those flashy features that most modern switches might have. It does include wireless support but not over the Wi-Fi but a smart remote that is pretty handy and you can use it for a fair range to control the lighting for your home or office.

Maestro is essentially a bit advanced version than Diva and salient features that you need to know about Maestro include a full range of designer light controls in addition to fan controls, sensors, and timers that means you have additional options the basic Diva that can be used for lights only. There are some additional programming options added that make it more convenient to use, allowing you complete control over the home lighting or fans.

There is also a delayed fade-to-off feature that allows you to leave the room after you have turned the switch off and will take some time to completely put out the lights in a room. Also, Maestro includes 3-way compatibility so you can use 3 switches to control the lighting as compared to 2 switches on the Diva.

It includes some additional smart features that are a blessing to have such as power failure memory that remembers your settings in the case of a power failure so you don’t have to program the switch or adjust the lighting again once the power is back.


So basically, both of them are the best options offered by Lutron. You have a fair idea about all the features that they include now so you can choose between them based on the features that you are looking to have for your home.

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