4 Ways To Fix Braeburn Thermostat Not Working

Braeburn Thermostat Not Working
Braeburn Thermostat Not Working

These days, there seems to be a smart version of pretty much every household appliance you can think of. So why wouldn’t there be one that can help you control the temperature of your home? For many of us, we don’t need this one. 

But for those of us who live in climates with harsh winter conditions, having the ability to warm your house up before you get home is an absolute godsend! And that’s before we even get into the more in-depth and advanced features that you’ll have at your disposal if you opt for a Braeburn Thermostat. 

Troubleshooting Braeburn Thermostat Not Working

Though Braeburn are a well-established company in this field and benefit from a fairly solid reputation this doesn’t mean that there aren’t quite a few of you out there struggling to overcome a bug or two. One such bug that seems to crop up is more serious than the rest, effectively stopping the thermostat from working.

In other cases, it will cause the thermostat to behave in unpredictable but never useful ways. As a result, there are quite a few of you out there who have begun to call for replacements. 

What we would suggest is that you hold off on calling in for a replacement device for now. As it turns out, the problem isn’t all that hard to fix in the vast majority of cases. Sure, some of you won’t have any luck fixing it and will need to go through the lengthy process of getting another. 

But it is always best to check a few simple things first to make sure that you can’t get it up and running by yourself. Below, we will run you through a quick course of easy troubleshooting options designed to save you time and possibly money. So, let’s get started!

1. Problems with the batteries 

Though many of you will have decided to hardwire the device in, the batteries still have a role to play in how the Braeburn Thermostat works. Despite drawing power from the mains, it can still begin to malfunction if the batteries are running low or have run out. 

So, the first thing that we would suggest trying is buying some new batteries (of a reputable brand – they last much longer) and replacing the old ones that are in the Thermostat. For some of you, this will be enough to fix the problem. For others, you will have to move onto the next step. 

2. A blown fuse

If you are encountering severe issues with your Braeburn Thermostat, the next thing to check is whether or not the display is totally blanked out. If it is, this will likely mean that it may have blown a fuse at some point. 

If this describes your situation, the next thing you should be doing is having a look at the circuit breaker. With a bit of luck, one has tripped and you can just flip it back to get everything working again. If not, you may have to replace the fuse. 

3. Try giving the thermostat a reset 

Try giving the thermostat a reset 


In some cases, the thermostat will begin by working perfectly and then start doing all sorts of crazy things that you didn’t ask it to do. For those types of situations, the cause is most likely a bug that is hampering its performance. 

Though there are several ways to fi such a thing, there is only really one that we can recommend that you do from the comfort of your own home. Resetting it. 

The Braeburn Thermostat will either have its reset button on the side or on the front – it depends on which model you have. Unfortunately, these are set into the device in such a way that it makes them incredibly hard to push. 

So, you will need to grab a tool to help you with this – we find that a pencil or a safety pin are usually fit for the job. To reset the thermostat, you will need to hold the button in for around 5 seconds. 

4. Request assistance

Unfortunately, if nothing we have tried so far has had any effect, the problem you are experiencing is more likely to be on the serious end of the spectrum. This leaves us with two alternative methods by which to have it looked at. You can call in a technician who will make sure that the basics are working, such as the heat pump. 

You may also end up needing to get in touch with customer support to diagnose issues that may relate more directly to the device itself. 

While you are talking to them, be sure to mention all of the various steps you have taken to remedy the problem. This will help them to narrow down the cause of the issue much quicker. With a bit of luck, they may then approve a replacement to sort it out once and for all. 

12 thoughts on “4 Ways To Fix Braeburn Thermostat Not Working”

  1. Thermostat says powr on display. Not coming on but says cool on. When I press system, it cycles through the off, heat, cool, etc but goes back to powr. Anyone fixed this? Removed batteries and have reset fyi

  2. Fan set on auto but never shuts off, heat set for 72, when reaches 72, fan still on air is cool. Tried all steps suggested to fix it but no luck. Any suggestions?

  3. Fan will not turn off..Batteries are good..Have reset..Only way to turn off hanging heater is to remove thermostat..If I shut off breaker it turns off our space heater in bathroom..

  4. My thermostat batterie sign was flashing I change the battery I put the temperature 74 but never reached 74 instead went down to 66 I reset it and go no more than 68 what can I do when I press the bottom I read 62 set

  5. The Braeburn thermostat shuts our lights off in the main part of the house when we turn the temp up or down to meet the current temp in the house…WHY?! Is this happening?

  6. I replaced the batteries. When I put the cover back on I changed the temperatures to 78. Left for the day – when I got home my condo was 98 screen showed HI

    Took top off . Took it with me – went for dinner. Sitting in car back at condo. Screen shows 78. To the right Room fan on . Have 1020 unit. System is on cool – fan is on auto. Batteries are on the left side back. On right side back there are 2 tiny vertical switches on the lower position. Elbow is a horizontal switch set at CONV.
    The other choice is HP.
    Are these switches set correctly ??
    – Thanks for speedy reply help 😁

  7. On my braeburn thermostat # 1200 air is not coming on. I reset several times, and lowered temperature. air still not blowing cold fan is on. No batteries needed. What should I do next


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