Nest Thermostat Low Battery: 5 Ways To Troubleshoot

nest thermostat low battery
nest thermostat low battery

Nest is simply the best thermostat you can get out there. There are no second thoughts on the efficiency, smartness and utility of the thermostat. But, the most important feature that you get to enjoy on Nest Thermostat is that they come with their own battery to keep you facilitated with uninterrupted temperature control.

You might have the rest of your home running at some kind of generator or UPS, but the thermostat will be interrupted and that can cause you to have disruption in the comfortable temperature.

Moreover, you need your thermostat to be connected with the Wi-Fi at all times to have access to it anywhere in the world. With NEST Thermostat, there is not much that could go wrong and you get a pretty reliable experience with the device. However, if you are having some issues such as your Thermostat showing low battery indicator, here are a few things that you will need to do to make it work again.

Nest Thermostat Low Battery

1) Restart the Thermostat

The first thing that you need to try here is restarting your thermostat. Now, there are chances that you might be having low battery indicator due to any errors and might not be able to see the accurate battery percentage on your screen.

Once you reboot the Thermostat, any errors of this sort will be fixed up and you will be able to see the battery percentage right. Make sure that you let the thermostat stay off a while and then turn it on again. Once you do that, any errors will most likely be gone.

2) Check on the Internet connection

Another thing that you need to check is the internet connection. NEST thermostat is broadcasting all the stats over the Wi-Fi and your phone needs to be connected with the internet as well. You need to check that both of these devices have the right internet connection with ample speed.

If any of your devices were disconnected from the internet while the thermostat was at low battery, you will not be able to see the battery fully charged until you reinstate the internet connection. So, all you need to do is make sure that your internet connection is getting the right speed and your thermostat and phone is connected with the internet. This will most likely solve the problem for you.

3) Reset the Thermostat

Now, there might actually be some issue with the thermostat settings or some error that might not allow it to charge. The first possibility that you will need to root out in such case is a software issue. It is a good thing to have if the issue is with the software because it can easily be fixed with a simple reset of settings.

You just need to reset the thermostat and it will start charging again once it is restarted. The only thing to know here is that once you reset the thermostat, you will also be losing the settings and customized preferences and you will be needing to set it up once again from scratch. If it has started charging again, and the low battery sign is gone, it should be worth the efforts.

4) Check the Wiring

Now, you will also need to check on all the wiring that is linked with your thermostat. There can be some issues such as short circuit, the wiring for charging being broken or anything like that. So, just have an experienced technician get to your place to have all the wiring checked and they will be able to fix up any problem for you that might be causing you to have low battery error.

5) Contact NEST Support

The last thing if all the troubleshooting steps above have not worked for you, is to try contacting NEST support department. They have a knowledgeable and friendly team always willing to help. Once you give them a call, they will be able to help you out with the perfect solution. Now, you might need to have your battery repaired or replaced, or any other component that might have gone bad. Whatever the case might be, you can get it fixed properly without getting to much trouble and NEST support is the best way to do it.

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