4 Ways To Fix Wyze Not Sending Notifications

Wyze Not Sending Notifications
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Wyze Not Sending Notifications

Wyze offers an innovative approach to security and convenience in your smart home. They offer extremely high-quality products that are even more so affordable. Their devices are designed to meet the needs of every smart homeowner. Even if you want a smart camera for your office, they have the right product for you.

They regularly refresh their smart camera lineup to accommodate new smart features and improve on the previous ones. This makes their smart cameras an excellent option for home security. They offer wired cameras for inside use, while wireless cameras are also available for outdoor use.

How To Fix Wyze Not Sending Notifications?

Recently, users have been reporting that Wyze isn’t sending notifications any longer. Even when they have the app installed on their phones and have configured all of their devices, Wyze devices are not sending notifications.

As a result, users don’t have much idea of what they can do. Luckily, we will be taking a look at this issue using this article. We will be listing a number of ways on how you can troubleshoot and fix this issue.

  1. Ensure the Notification is Turned On

The first thing that you need to check is whether your notifications are turned on or not. You will need to check the notification settings on both your phone’s settings and your app settings.

Start by navigating to your phone’s settings. Locate the Wyze app and check if your notifications are turned on or not. Likewise, you will have to go to Wyze camera settings. Under event recording, you should see an option labeled “Send Push Notification”. Make sure it is turned on.

  1. Check the Bell Icon On Your Account

You might be able to see a bell icon on the top right of your screen. If not then go to Account > Notifications. Either way, you may need to tap on the bell icon. This will affect only the owner or the users that have shared login account on the devices connected to Wyze app. If the bell has a slash through it, then that means you have the notifications turned off.

  1. Reinstall the Application

Another thing you can try is to completely reinstall the application on your phone. While removing the app from your phone, we suggest you delete your cache and data files.

Be sure to download the latest version of the app.

  1. Contact Wyze’s Support Team

If none of the above-mentioned instructions work for you, then you may have to contact customer support. They should help you further and give you instructions that should result in you fixing the issue.

The Bottom Line

Through this article, we have managed to explain the 4 different ways on how you can fix Wyze not sending notifications. Be sure to follow them thoroughly.

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