6 Approaches For Fixing Eufy Camera Not Recording Events

eufy camera not recording events
eufy camera not recording events

The Eufy Cameras are known for their multipole power options and superior video quality, but they can be a bit harder to set up for most users. You’ll often find customers running into problems like Eufy Camera not recording events. This issue is usually related to minor programming bugs that can be fixed easily by going through some basic troubleshooting steps.

Ideally, you won’t have to put a lot of time into fixing the Eufy Camera recording feature, and the unit will be ready in no time. So, if you’re in a situation with Eufy Camera not recording events, the following details will be helpful.

Solutions For Eufy Camera Not Recording Events

  1. Check Status Of The Recording Mode

In most situations, owners just forget to toggle on the recording mode after setting up the device. This is a pretty common situation where users don’t put any attention to the configurations, and you will have to enable the recording mode.

Otherwise, the Eufy system will stop recording events, and you won’t get any alerts on the mobile application. So, just access the smart application and go over the configurations again. It won’t take much of your time, and the recording mode will start working.

  1. Increase the Motion Detection Sensitivity

The motion detection sensitivity is the next thing that you need to consider when the Eufy Camera is not recording events. While increasing the sensitivity by a substantial margin does create problems with the false alerts, slightly increasing the slider will have a positive impact on the detection quality.

So, you shouldn’t increase the sensitivity by a large margin and stick with smaller increments when the motion detection is not working on your Eufy Camera.

  1. Make Sure Camera Is Connected To A Stable Network

After going over the motion detection sensitivity, you have to make sure that the camera is connected to a stable network. Ignoring the quality of the connection will stop the alerts from going through to the mobile application.

So, you should either move the router closer to the camera or reset the system if the internet connection is bugged. Without a stable connection, you won’t get any alerts on the camera and it won’t start recording when the motion is detected through the camera.

  1. Check The Battery Status On the Eufy Camera

The battery status on the Eufy Camera is the next thing that you should consider when it is not recording events. Even if the battery was changed a few weeks ago, having a defective battery in the camera will lead to similar situations.

So, to avoid this outcome, you should try to replace the battery on the Eufy Camera and then test the recording features again. Hopefully, you won’t have to go through any more steps, and the recording features on your Eufy Camera will start working perfectly.

  1. Power Cycle Your Smart Camera Once

Power cycling the smart camera might not seem like a great idea but it helped many owners troubleshoot programming bugs in their systems. So, you should also give this method a shot and remove all power from the camera for a few minutes. After that, you can turn the power back on and go through the recording configurations. If there are no hardware issues with the camera, then it should start working at this stage.

You can further reach out to the professionals working at customer support to help with the troubleshooting. So, if the recording is not working even after power cycling the camera, just send an email to the customer support department or call them directly during the weekdays.

  1. Use A Different Network

At this stage, there is no harm in trying your luck with a different network. If you’re not comfortable with resetting the router and have updated the configurations recently, then using a different network is your best move. So, just try out a different network and then check the performance of the camera.

On the other hand, if the control board is defective and the camera appears to be damaged, then you can’t do much about the system. You will have to claim the warranty and get a replacement unit from the dealer if the warranty is still valid.

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