4 Ways To Fix Wyze Cam Not Recording To SD Card

Wyze Cam Not Recording To SD Card
Wyze Cam Not Recording To SD Card

Wyze is a famous brand that is known for manufacturing security cameras for its users. The company has a wide range of devices that you can select from. You can visit their official website to find a list of all the devices available. People can even check the specifications for these devices by clicking on them. This helps in ensuring that you purchase a device that will best suit your usage.

The Wyze cams come with tons of features that make them amazing. However, you should note that these devices can also run into tons of problems. One common issue that is being reported nowadays is that Wyze Cam is not recording to SD card. If you are getting the same problem, then going through this article should help you in getting rid of it.

How To Fix Wyze Cam Not Recording To SD Card?

  1. Set Record To MicroSD Card

If you have recently installed the SD card inside your Wyze Cam then you have to first configure the device. Selecting the option to record all of your videos on the SD card is essential. Considering this, you can start by opening the Wyze application on your mobile phone. Once done, the user can then start accessing the settings for the camera.

There should be several options here, out of which you have to open the “Advanced Tab”. Finally, you can now browse through the features provided and select “Record to SD card”. The Wyze camera might ask you to choose between “Continuous” or “Events Only recording”. Depending on your preferences, you can easily select the preferred video type.

  1. SD Card Might Not Be Installed Properly

Another reason for this problem can be that your SD card is not installed properly. This can be easily confirmed by checking if you can switch from recording to the online backup servers to an SD card. If no other available devices are showing up, then this means that your card is not installed inside the camera. You can start by unplugging your Wyze Cam from power.

This is important as it helps in keeping the data on your card secure. Opening the silicone flap below the camera before shutting the device down can sometimes cause data to get corrupted. With that being said, you can easily notice the SD card slot beneath your camera once the silicone flap comes off. Now take out the card and install it back in properly.

Make sure that it fits inside the slot properly before closing the flap back up. Usually, people can hear a clicking sound when the card slides in which help in ensuring that it has been installed. If you don’t hear this, then take out the SD card and install it back in tightly

  1. Format Your SD Card

Once you have installed the SD card inside your Wyze cam, the device might still have trouble recognizing it. This is why another thing that you can try is formatting the SD card. This helps the device in configuring the card in such a way that it can be used without any further issues. The process for this is quite simple and you can start by opening the home menu for your camera.

The user can then access the settings on this device and continue browsing through it. Click on the advanced settings tab and then find the “Manage MicroSD Card” option. There should be several tabs here out of which the “Format” one is what you are looking for. Keep in mind, that it is important that you do not erase any important information. This is why consider making a backup of your data beforehand.

  1. Card Might Not Be Supported

Finally, if your card is still not working even after trying out all the steps mentioned above, then there is a high chance that it might not be supported. You can find a list of SD cards that are supported by the model of Wyze Cam you are currently using. This can help you in confirming if your card can work with the device or not. In some cases, the card might also be damaged, if this happens then you will have to get a replacement.


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