10 Steps of Troubleshooting Vesync Outlet Not Working

Vesync Outlet Not Working
Vesync Outlet Not Working

The modern era is the era of smart homes where most of the products are WiFi outlets and are controlled and monetized by an application that is installed on your smartphone. The Vesnyc application can be used for the functioning of these products. This application helps you completely control all the devices from your smartphone.

The companies also offer WiFi Vesnyc outlets which consist of a plug and a socket. The application controls the WiFi Vesnyc outlets as well. Users usually face a lot of issues while using the WiFi Vesnyc outlets and we will give you potential solutions for these problems in this article.

Vesync Outlet Not Working

The most common problem faced by the users is, the Vesnyc outlet not getting connected to the Vesnyc application. If this happens to you, here are some simple steps that you need to follow in order to fix this issue:

1. Check your WiFi connection. If you are not connected to a secure and strong WiFi connection which is of at least 2.4 Hz your outlet will not get connected to the Vesync application.

2. Check the number of devices connected that are connected to your router. In most cases, there are more than 10 devices connected to the router at a time which is very troublesome. The number of devices should not exceed more than 10.

3. Try closing the application and then reopening it.

4. It might also happen because of a lot of cache memory. Try clearing out the cache if nothing else works.

5. As a last resort, you can also reset the outlet.

At times the users are unable to find an ESP access point in order to configure. Here are some simple steps that you need to follow in this case:

6. First of all press the power button on the outlet and hold it for a few seconds and wait for the LED to start blinking. Once it starts blinking blue pair the outlet within the next five minutes and you are good to go.

In some situations, the Amazon Alexa or google assistant fails to discover your smart Vesnyc outlet. Here are some hacks for the situation:

7. Without any panic first of all check the router, it should not be too far away from your outlet. If the problem still exists then the other side might be causing it. The google assistant or Amazon Alexa might not be working properly

8. Then there are situations when the outlet goes offline. To troubleshoot this one first of all check your network connections. When it’s done, uninstall the smart outlet from your application.

9. The next step is the resetting of the smart outlet. To reset press the power button for at least fifteen seconds. During this process, a light will get turned on and off. If this happens your resetting has been successfully done.

10. Now, if your smart Vesnyc outlet doesn’t follow the schedule in this case make sure the schedule functioning is on and then check the location services of your phone. They should also be on all the time and make sure you’re not offline.

That’s all about it. Hope it was helpful.

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