4 Methods To Fix When Sengled Bulb Not Responding

Sengled Bulb Not Responding
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Sengled Bulb Not Responding

Sengled is one of the most popular companies in the U.S for providing lighting solutions in your smart home. Sengled smart lights are a great way to illuminate your smart home. The best thing about using the Sengled bulb is that you don’t necessarily need a hub to control the lights. You can have full control over the lights even without a hub.

But with a hub, users are allowed to connect up to 64 Sengled smart lights and devices. Also, a Sengled app is installed on your phone which should give you even better control with your lights.

Sengled Bulb Not Responding

Plenty of users over the internet have reported facing various issues with the Sengled smart light bulb. The most common of these issues is that smart light bulb stops responding to voice commands or other apps like Google Home.

There may be quite a few ways on how you can fix this issue. Keep in mind these fixes won’t fix a defective product. These should work if your Sengled bulb is glitching out. To successfully troubleshoot these issues, follow the following steps:

  1. Ensure Your Wi-Fi Connection Is Working Properly

The first troubleshooting step we recommend you to do is that you make sure that your Wi-Fi is working properly. Run a speed test if necessary. If you’re Wi-Fi isn’t working properly, it could be the reason why your Sengled bulb isn’t responding properly.

  1. Naming confliction

Another most common reason that your device may not be working properly is that the name of the device may be in conflict with another device. For instance, the two devices may have a similar name, which is why your Sengled bulb is not responding. Many users have reported this being the case when their device stops working.

  1. Reset Your Sengled Light Bulb

This is another quick workaround to your device not responding. If your Sengled bulb is bugging out, a reset may properly get your device working. To successfully reset the Sengled light bulb, turn the light off and on 10 times. It is better you use a light switch power or power strip here. The bulb should blink around 5 times if you have successfully reset the bulb.

  1. Replace Your Bulb/Contact Support

If none of the above-mentioned steps have fixed your issue, then we are afraid the most likely scenario is that your device is defective. In such a situation, you can only do one of the two things; Either look for a replacement or replace your Sengled light bulb.

Keep in mind this is the absolute final resort. One final thing you can do before you replace your device is to make sure that the app you’re trying to connect with the bulb is properly recognizing the device.

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