4 Methods To Fix When Sengled Bulb Not Responding

Sengled Light Bulb Not Responding
Sengled Light Bulb Not Responding

Anyone that is into smart homes or smart technology has heard of Sengled light bulbs. So, how to fix a not responding Sengled Light Bulb at home? Please read on.

The Sengled light bulbs are smart light bulbs, available to use without a hub or attached to other smart devices, but much more powerful with another device.

With a hub, a user can use up to 64 Sengled lights and devices at the same time and all connected to do as the user pleases.

These light bulbs and devices allow an individual to control the lights to turn them on and off, the brightness up and down, and sometimes even the color.

When paired with a phone and the Sengled mobile app, or the user’s hub app of choice, these can all be controlled remotely as well.

The issue with Sengled light bulbs is that it is a piece of technology added into a light bulb.

When dealing with a not responding Sengled Light Bulb, there are only a few issues that can be in the way, and a lot of times, it is easier and cheaper to install a new bulb.

With added technology, however, it may be easier, but definitely not cheaper.

Not only can the workings of the light bulb go wrong, but the technology itself can start to have issues, just like a phone or a television.

These technological issues are typically a little more frustrating since everyone is not an IT expert, but not everyone wants to lay down the cash for a whole new bulb either.

This article will be covering the most common issues with a Sengled light bulb and the best ways to fix them.

Sengled Bulb Not Responding

1. Ensure Your WiFi Connection Is Working Properly

One of the most common issues with any unresponsive piece of technology is the connection the receiver (the technology) holds to the sender (often your phone, a remote, or smart hub).

The connection line that strings these two together is going to be cell service and your Wi-Fi (wireless internet) or just your Wi-Fi if you are home.

The connection can be caused by an issue in the receiver or sender, but if they both work in other places or with other devices, then the issue may be in the connective service itself.

It is possible that your Wi-Fi is not strong enough or fast enough to hold many passive devices on it that constantly drain just a little bit of power from the bandwidth of your network, slowing down your entire house.

If you suspect this may be the case, run a speed test on your internet. If the speed and bandwidth are the problems, a new router, better internet plan, or better internet provider are your go-to options to finish your transition to a smart home.

2. Naming Confliction

Another common issue with tech and Sengled light bulbs also has to do with the connection, but more so with what the connection is actually connecting.

Naming conflicts are common in pieces of tech and can cause issues in where the signal is supposed to go.

For example, if you have multiple Sengled bulbs in a room, you might name them all “Light Bulb – Living Room” so you can easily tell where the bulbs are.

The issue is that without a central control for all of the “Living Room” bulbs, the signal is not sure which bulb to activate, causing it just not to activate any.

Make sure that all of your light bulbs are either grouped onto a central system like a hub to control an entire room at once or make sure that they all have their own unique name.

3. Reset Your Sengled Light Bulb

Even though you probably are not in IT, you have most likely worked with one and heard the hated response of “Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

While this is extremely annoying, sometimes it is the best path to take (at least to try) and can end up fixing a lot of problems that would cause you to pull your hair out when you could have just listened to the person on the phone and hold in the power button.

Sengled bulbs fall in this category, and when there is no obvious issue and solution, sometimes a reset might be what it needs.

  • To reset a Sengled bulb, turn the light off and on 10 times (best to use a light switch or power strip for this).
  • When successfully reset, the light should blink close to 5 times, letting you know you have reset the bulb.

4. Replace Your Bulb/Contact Support

replace your light bulb contact support

The last resort to fixing a bulb is the same last resort to any other thing that breaks down: call support.

If the above steps did not do anything for your light bulb, there is a good chance it is out of your scope of work to fix it.

Someone on a support line may have a quirky fix for your scenario, but there is even a good chance that they will not know what to do.

At this point, you may have to recognize and admit that the bulb is defective, and you will probably have to get a new one.

Before laying the cash down, however, make sure to test that your Wi-Fi connection is good, the bulb is named correctly, the phone or hub is recognizing the bulb as a connected device, and try turning it off and on again (ten times).

Again, if none of these work, expect to cough up some money again.

Conclusion: Sengled Bulb Not Responding

Overall, a Sengled bulb is just another piece of tech and falls under the same troubleshooting rules as just about any other piece out there.

To skip the hassle of trying to play Sherlock Holmes with an inanimate object, call support from the get-go and have them walk you through the troubleshooting steps.

Maybe if you are on the phone with them as you test it, you can get lucky, and the company can give you some refund or send you another bulb if yours is defective. Keeping you happy about your smart home and not having to crack your wallet back open.

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  1. If the suggested fixes don’t work, try unplugging ALL of your echo devices (or whatever you have) and plug them back up. This is how I fixed my unresponsive bulbs.

  2. We got one for free. It does not work. I tried calling Amazon. no success. I called Sengled. Closed. I went online, reset the bulb all kinds of stuff. No success. It is just a dim bulb. It is worth what I paid – zero. I like the promise of smart bulbs, but I don’t want to make a career out of troubleshooting poor tech.

  3. Okay so I used the Philip bulbs at my other apartment. But my roommate took them when we moved out. Long story short, I got an echo dot as a present and it came with the Sengled Smart LED Light Bulb – Bluetooth. And I used it in my kitchen. But the kitchen needs 2 lights. So I ordered one so I can have them both working the same. Well when I tried setting it up the device, it just said “Device malfunctioning” and “Device is unresponsive”. I tried resetting it and even switched the bulbs. I moved my router thinking maybe the wi-fi connection was far. Still nothing, so i decided to return it and get a new one instead. IT IS STILL NOT WORKING! I am glad I am not the only one going crazy trying to get them to work. I guess I will be going back to Philip bulbs!

    • My whole house is Sengled ‘wifi’ bulbs. I too bought a couple of the much cheaper ‘bluetooth’ version of the colour bulb. I had nothing but bluetooth connectivity issues. I’d reconnect them and they would go down again shortly afterwards. I’ve got an RMA set up with Amazon…they’re going back.

  4. I’ve had mine for 10 days and all four have gone unresponsive. Based on these reviews, I’m not even going to try resetting them. I wish I had seen these reviews before I bought them. No wonder they were so cheap. Back to Amazon they go.

  5. Interesting, only negative reviews here. I’ve had 3 sengled bulbs for 3 years and they’ve never lost connectivity with the ST hub. Haven’t had to reset them. Two of them i use daily in my home office to turn off when there’s no motion.

    • I’ve used 2 of Sengled’s color changing bulbs for over a year and no problems, but now I have 2 plain white that is supposed to dim and they are both unresponsive.
      It’s frustrating

  6. Bought a couple of these they worked fine for a month so I bought enough to do my whole house set up was easy and everything worked great then all at once they all quit working I’ve tried everything some of them I’ve gotten to reconnect but they still won’t respond probably going to send these back to Amazon for a refund

  7. Same issue as others. I reset almost on the daily and start all over. They worked at first so I bought more. Then the problems started. Money wasted!

  8. I have 2 Singled bulbs. Purchased at 2 different times. They suck. Either connected to their app or Alexa, they become unresponsive. Never have issues with Phillips bulbs. Stay away from this crap.

  9. these bulbs were for sale for as little as .99 cents each, and then became free with purchase. Its pretty clear that Sengled knew they had a dog on their hands and had to dump them.

  10. Horrible! I have 12 of the Sengled lights. They work one day.. unresponsive the next… or sometimes even sooner. They are driving me crazy!

  11. Totally unresponsive after a few weeks. Tried the on off on off 10 times multiple times, didn’t work, other than blinking. Deleted the device, reinstalled, no difference. This is happened so many times that it’s not worth the effort anymore. I suggest the company make a video to show you how to handle the situation, and they probably would have less calls to our support. I just don’t get it.

  12. I ‘echo’ the sentiments here. Had to do the joke! The Sengled Bluetooth bulb paired with my Wxho dot on Christmas and became unresponsive this week (less than 40 days). Nothing at all across the internet works to get Alexa to recognize the bulb again. It is an eternally bright LED bulb I cannot manipulate even to dim and renders it useless. Luckily this was a free gift/hand me down type thing. I will be seeking out the Waze/Wiz bulbs folks are mentioning here. This is a product to avoid.

  13. I got mine for free as a promo with an Echo Spot. Worked fine for a month or so, but started getting the “device is unresponsive” message. If I do the off-on-10-times reset, Echo finds it again but then loses it almost right away. I give up! Now I know why it was free! I was tempted to buy a few more at the start when it worked but glad I didn’t.

    • Mine worked for less than a week. Was free with my echo dot purchase. Utter crap product. Guess I’m buying a different brand to replace it.

  14. I have been using Sengled bulbs for 28 months. I have used a total of 10 bulbs, in conjunction with Google smart speaker devices. 7 have given me no problem at all, Three have behaved irregularly. All have been more reliable than the Wemo switches I purchased at the same time. I am now at a second location and am having trouble with three of the bulbs.

  15. These bulbs were great when I first bought them. So I bought another set and the second set keep losing connectivity and says server unresponsive. I’ve tried everything mentioned here, resetting them, pairing them again, turning off the router etc and nothing works. If it’s does in fact work it works for like two days and then goes back to “server unresponsive” again. I’m done with them. Going to buy Wyze bulbs which are better can change colors and holds the connectivity with no issues and they offer firmware updates as well. With sengled there’s no way to update the firmware even if there was an issue. I’m done with them.

    • I have mine hooked up to Alexa they will work fine for 1 to 3 weeks and then one day I make a command and they loss connection to the server while everything else works fine off my server.

      I have to flick the switch fast 10 times ask Alexa to find devices and reconfigure all my routines again for those lights, which becomes a pain in the butt.

      • Same problem. Work form a while then become unresponsive. Sometimes it gets better on its own, but I just had to reset using method above and then re-pair, now its working again.

  16. Same problem as the above. They pair, work for a short while and then the “server is unresponsive.” Amazon was of little help. They sent two new lights and the exact same thing happened.

  17. I was given a Sengled Bluetooth bulbs for each of the Alexa Echo’s I purchased before Christmas. All 4 suffer from the same issue. They pair, they work for a short period of time and then they stop responding. The Alexa app says “Device is unresponsive . If it’s not longer in use tap “edit” to remove from Alexa App.I’ve tried all the “fixes” mentioned in other messages but nothing works.

    I had sent an email to Sengled. Their reply was no help and advised me to call their support line and wait 1.5 hrs for assistance. I think not. The fact the wait time is so long must be an indication of problems with Sengled products.

    I also have 2 “WIZ” bulbs that work flawlessly.

  18. I got a Sengled Smart Bulb to go with my new Amazon Echo Dot for Christmas. The lightbulb worked great the first few days but then today it started glitching. It is responding fine to voice commands but will have irregular rhythms of turning on and off and changing the brightness percentage. I am trying to sleep and my lightbulb randomly will turn on or if I’m reading a book the light will randomly dim to 5%. I am just laying in bed resting and the light will go from 10% to 80%. Super super random, I want a fix for this.

  19. I’ve had 3 of these for about 18 months, they stopped responding 6 weeks ago, managed to get them going again eventually but now they’ve stopped again, tried resetting, WiFi can’t find Sengled WiFi.

    • Mine was free with the dot, I love it, but it does go unresponsive. I’ve had it since January and had to reset it once, then two days ago it went unresponsive. I noticed that both times was when one of my kids was trying to turn the light on by the lamp switch. So maybe that is a solution, dont try and use the switch after installing. I’m going to try that after I get it back online. Fingers crossed otherwise I will be switching out for a different brand


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