5 Ways To Fix Life360 Unable To Connect

life360 unable to connect
life360 unable to connect

Life360 is a tracking app through which users are given the option of keeping track of their loved ones. Using the app, they are able to pinpoint the location of the person that they are trying to track. All they have to do is to install and run the application.

How to Fix Life360 Unable to Connect?

Quite a number of users have been facing issues while using the Life360 app. According to them, whenever they try to use the application, they get an error that states “Unable to connect” while they run the Life360 app.

If you are also someone who is facing a similar issue, then there is nothing to worry about. Today, we will be using this article in order to tell you about the different ways on how you can troubleshoot the issue. All of them are mentioned right down below:

  1. Try Restarting

One of the easiest and quickest ways on how you can successfully troubleshoot and fix this issue is by simply attempting to restart the application. It could be that there is some sort of bug due to which it is not running properly. Most usually, what happens is that there is a background update running due to which the application ceases to work properly.

This is why we also recommend that you try logging out of your account by accessing your application settings. There should be an option to log out of the application. You should also force close the application by accessing your settings. After waiting for a few minutes, you can attempt to reconnect your phone using the email and password of the account.

  1. Check Your Internet

Another reason for the problem could be due to an internet issue. It could be that you are not getting the proper internet connection speed due to which the Life360 app is not connecting. In either case, you will have to check the internet by running a couple of internet speed tests.

In case you do find something to be wrong with your internet connection, then we recommend that you contact your ISP for further help on the matter.

  1. Location Settings

In order for the Life360 app to properly work, you will need to make sure that the location settings are all turned on. If you haven’t turned on location, then the app will not function at all. The same can be said for the person you are trying to track.

Both should have the location turned on their phone. Also, it could be that either one of you is in a spot where you are getting really weak signals due to which you are having a hard time connecting to the application.

  1. Logging in Using Multiple Devices

A mistake that many users make is that they try logging into the application using a number of devices. Whenever they do this, the app stops working. This results in connectivity issues that you might experience.

The good thing is that any connectivity issue which is due to this reason can be fixed quite easily. All you have to do is to make sure that you log out of all these devices. Afterward, log in through a single device (the device which you plan to use). For all other users, they should create their own account.

  1. Contacting Support

If you find none of the troubleshooting steps to be working for you, then what you can do is to try and contact customer support. They should be able to come up with more troubleshooting steps for your problem after they take a good look at it.

The Bottom Line

Are you facing the error “Unable to connect” while using the Life360 app? If so, then all you have to do is to follow the instructions that we have mentioned in the article. All the detailed instructions given should aid you in troubleshooting and fixing the problem for good.

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