Is It Possible To Set Up Echo Dot Without App?

Setup Echo Dot Without App

Setup Echo Dot Without AppAt this point, Amazon Echo is practically a household name wherever you go. Though some may have never heard of or may not understand the concept of smart speakers, they will still recognize the brand name.

This is because, in general, they are pretty much the most reliable and well-designed in their range. With user experience to the fore of their concerns, they have also been designed in such a way that they are remarkably easy to set up and use.

For basic functionality, all the user really needs to do is learn how to work Alexa. After that, there’s instant access to a huge range of features and quirks. Granted, some of these you might never use, but for us, less is never more!

Most commonly, people tend to use voice controls to access and play music playlists and experience full control over their music. However, it’s also pretty useful for other things, like keeping up with current events, getting the weather forecast, or getting the score of sporting events without having to switch on the TV or interrupting what you are doing.

Set Up Echo Dot Without App

setup echo dot with alexa app

Firstly, all users will have to make sure that their Echo Dots are properly set up before they can do much of anything with them.

  • Naturally, as part of this setup procedure, the first thing that you will have to do is connect them to your home network.
  • After that, the next thing is to configure your settings via Alexa App that you will have downloaded onto your phone.

This is the normal and accepted way of doing things. But, there are always a few of us out there who want to do things a little differently.

Having trawled the online boards and forums, it seems that there are quite a few of you who have the desire to set up Echo Dot without Alexa App.

So, you must still be wondering if this is at all possible. Well, we have some good news for you. The whole thing can indeed be set up without the App if you really want to.

It is a little tricky if you don’t know-how, though. But don’t worry. The whole purpose of this article wasn’t just to answer the question but also to show you how it is done. 

However, there is a condition to this. For this little trick, you will need to set it all up using Windows 10.

But that’s pretty much the only requirement here. So, even if you have no real tech experience, follow the steps below, and you should be up and running in no time at all. 

How to Set Up Amazon Echo Dots with Windows 10

  1. The first thing you will need to do to get the ball rolling is to visit the relevant site at You can use any browser to do this. It really doesn’t matter which. 
  2. Next up, you will need to either log into your account or create a new one and sign in.
  3. After you have signed in, power on your Echo device; at this point, you will need to wait for a little while until the ring light on your Echo turns orange. As soon as it does, the Echo device should then pop up as a recognized device on the website you have logged into. This is because it will have been attached to your Amazon account as soon as you bought it. 
  4. Next up, you will need to hold down the action button for roughly 5 seconds. 
  5. Back on the website, you should now click on “Settings.”
  6. Next up, you will have the option to click to set up a new device. 
  7. After you have clicked to set up a new device, it should automatically ask you what type of device you are looking to set up. To be more specific, it will ask what type of Echo you are using. Naturally, you should be picking the Echo Dots option.
  8. Next up, choose your Wi-Fi network and put in your password if it asks for it. 
  9. We are getting near the end now! Click on connect.
  10. Wait for a few seconds so that your Echo Dot can finish the setup process. 

And that’s it! Everything should now be working just as well as it would if it had been set up the more traditional way. You can now enjoy using your echo devices freely. 

how to setup amazon echo with windows 10

Conclusion: Set Up Echo Dot Without App

So, now that you know that it is indeed possible to set up and run Echo Dots without having to use them in unison with Alexa.

Hopefully, you got what you needed from this article, and everything worked out as it should. Before we finish up, we are always curious to hear about anyone who has managed to figure out a new and unique way of doing it.

If you happen to be one of those people who thought outside of the box and got the result you were looking for, we would love to hear about it in the comments section. Thanks!

6 thoughts on “Is It Possible To Set Up Echo Dot Without App?”

  1. Hi. I got as far as “choose your Wi-Fi network and put in your password if it asks for it”. No Wi-Fi option popped up. What do I need to do?

  2. I get as far as “Go to your Wi-Fi settings on this computer and select the Amazon-ate network. It may take up to a minute to appear. After connecting to Amazon-XXX, you can continue setup.”

    It connects to the Amazon-XXX network but nothing else happens so setup can’t continue. What do I need to do next?

  3. i tryed to set up echo dot without a cell phone like you said. at the end there was no where to put in my wi-fi and password. alexa the said my wi-fi for the dot was not set up so i could not get it to work. NOW WHAT


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