4 Ways To Fix Roomba Not Cleaning All Rooms

roomba not cleaning all rooms
roomba not cleaning all rooms

Cleaning can be quite troublesome and take a lot of your time. The time you spend cleaning can be used much more productively but the thing is you can’t live in a dirty house. So what’s the solution then?

Cleaning robots, of course, also known as Roomba can help you clean your home quite easily. All you have to do is clean its dirt compartment once a day and you are all set.

Some Roomba even comes with a self-cleaning compartment which provides you with that extra convenience. They are not as expensive and save a lot of your time.

How to Fix Roomba Not Cleaning All Rooms?

Once you have let the Roomba map out your home it can be quite easy for the Roomba to clean whichever area you want it to. Just use the app to command it and it will get to work. They are pretty good at avoiding things too and can do a very good job daily.

If you take care of them and clean some parts on regular basis, they can save a ton of your time. Some people however are having issues with Roomba not cleaning all rooms. Here are a few fixes you can follow.

1. Check App settings

Make sure that you have set the Roomba to clean all rooms and not specified ones. Most of the time people forget that they have set the Roomba to only clean one or two rooms. Just go into the app and set the cleaning area to the whole house. Roomba will start cleaning all the rooms in the mapped area.

2. Make Sure the Room Has Sufficient Light

Roomba cannot navigate properly in a dark room. As the camera installed can cause problems with the navigation of the Roomba across all rooms. So, make sure there is adequate lighting available for the Roomba and it will start working properly.

3. Clean the Sensor

As mentioned, before you must take care of the Roomba. That means that at least clean it once daily. It won’t even take you 5 minutes and save you hours of headache. Just turn the Roomba over and start cleaning the brushes and the sensors. That would most probably fix the issue and sensors will start working properly.

4. Reset Map Configurations

If following the above fixes don’t work then your Roomba probably has a faulty map. You should start the mapping process from scratch and make sure that the whole area gets mapped correctly. Remove the obstacles from their way and let it configure the dimensions of your whole house. Afterward, you can customize everything according to your liking. The mapping process can take around 1-3 hours depending upon the size of your home.

Following the mentioned steps will most probably fix the issue of Roomba not cleaning all rooms. But if the issue remains then chances are your Roomba is malfunctioning you can either get it fixed or buy a new one. Depending upon how much you’re willing to spend to save your time.

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  1. I bought mine in October 2021 The first time I used it it cleaned the whole house. The second time it cleaned two rooms and docked . I have only used it twice .


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