4 Common Mirror Home Gym Problems Troubleshooting

common mirror home gym problems troubleshooting
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common mirror home gym problems troubleshooting

Mirror Home Gym is a pretty handy smart device that you can use in order to get fit in your house. When you first look at it, it may look just like any other mirror that you can find inside a house. However, once turned on, the mirror shows an instructor who should guide you by showing different exercises for you.

Common Mirror Home Gym Problems Troubleshooting

There are quite a number of users who have been facing different issues with their Mirror Home Gym device. All of them are facing various issues due to which they are having a hard time operating the device.

In order to help all such users, we will be going through the procedure for troubleshooting most of the common problems that one can face while using a Mirror Home Gym. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started!

  1. Issues While Setting Up

A really common issue that many users face is that they start getting issues while trying to setup the mirror with their Android devices. In case you are having any sort of problem during the setup phase with your Android device, then you can try doing a number of things.

The very first thing we recommend doing is that you try forgetting the Mirror Wi-Fi network. Similarly, you can also try disabling your mobile data, resetting your mirror, or updating the mirror. Ensure that you are not having any kind of connection issues while you are going through the setup.

  1. Trouble Connecting To Mirror

Another really common issue that many users face is having trouble while trying to connect to the mirror or playing a workout. The issue occurs as soon as they press the “Start Workout” button, as it does not do anything for them.

In order to fix this issue, you will have to start by updating your Mirror app. If that does not do anything, you can try checking local network permission on your device, or check if you have any pending updates for the Mirror. If none of this works, then we recommend that you try restarting both your router as well as your Mirror.

  1. Issues While Preloading a Workout

In case you are having any type of issue while preloading a workout on your Mirror, the first thing to make sure is that you have installed the latest version of MirrorOS on your device. If you haven’t updated your software, then make sure that you update to the latest version.

Some of the things that you will need to check are that your device and mirror are connected with each other. Similarly, you will also have to check whether your Mirror is up to date or not. Ensure that there is some storage left on your Mirror, as it can also cause issues. The last thing to check would be the class type.

  1. Mirror Showing An “M”

This is a really popular error message that users get on their Mirror. According to the support, the M message shows that there is some kind of connection issues.

This is why we recommend that the first thing you check are the Wi-Fi and mobile data symbols on your Mirror. If you don’t see any symbols on the Mirror, then you will have to go to the Classes tab on the Mirror app and try starting a Workout or Session. Similarly, if you see a phone with a slash on it, then the reason why you are getting this error is that your phone and the Mirror is not connected with each other.

The Bottom Line

Through this article, we have mentioned the most common Mirror Home Gym problems along with the ways of troubleshooting them. So, in case you are facing any of the issues that are mentioned above, be sure to follow the instructions that are attached to the problem.

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