4 Solutions To Mirror Not Connecting To Wi-Fi

mirror not connecting to wifi
mirror not connecting to wifi

Smart Home has brought many changes to our lives by not only adding more comfort but also automating most of our daily tasks. While there are many devices that have gone smart today, you can even get a smart mirror that can help you perform all sorts of activities. However, it is quite common to run into problems with a device like a smart mirror.

If you are also someone who is currently experiencing an issue with their device, then this article should be quite helpful. Through the article, we will be taking a look at how you can fix your Mirror not connecting to Wi-Fi. So, let’s not waste any time further and get right into how you can solve the problem with ease. Here is everything that you need to know:

Mirror Not Connecting To Wi-Fi:

  1. SSID Issues

One of the most common reasons for a smart device like this to not connect to the Wi-Fi can be that it is running into SSID issues. This means that you have multiple Wi-Fi devices in your home that share similar names or the same ones.

This can prevent devices like these from establishing a stable connection. Considering this, one thing that you can do is try switching between the different networks to confirm that you are choosing the correct one.

Alternatively, if you want a permanent fix then changing the names for your routers is the better option. This can take some time, but you can easily change the router’s information by accessing the login portal for them. If done correctly, you can then try connecting to the network again and your Mirror should now connect without any further problems.

  1. Check Firmware on Mirror

If your mirror is still not connecting to Wi-Fi, then there is a high chance that it might be running on an older firmware version. This can be quite annoying, but you should note that it is important to keep the software on these devices updated.

The process is quite simple, and you can update the firmware on your mirror by accessing its settings. You can try using a hotspot from your mobile phone during this process as a stable connection is required to install the update.

But if this is not possible then you can download a copy of the update online and install it on the mirror using a wired connection. Depending on what type of mirror you have, the procedure might vary slightly. You can consult the manual provided along your device to help you out.

  1. Reboot Mirror

Another reason why your Wi-Fi might not be connecting to Wi-Fi can be that it is running into configuration errors. These usually happen if you have been using the device for a long time without rebooting it.

Shutting down the device once in a while is essential as it helps in ensuring that the cache files from your device are removed. The only thing that you have to do to fix your problem is to shut down the mirror and then wait for a few minutes. Make sure that the power cable stays disconnected for about 5 minutes before you power the device back on.

  1. Wi-Fi Services Not Working

Finally, one more reason why your mirror might not be connecting to Wi-Fi can be that your ISP is running into issues. This usually happens when the company is trying to update their servers or if they are running updates on them. Considering this, the problem should go away after a few hours. Although, you should contact the support team for your ISP and notify them about your problem.

This will help in ensuring that the team is aware of your issue and so that they can deal with it as soon as possible. Other than this, you can also try rebooting your modem and router once just as you tried it on your mirror. This process can also help in getting your internet connection back on.

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