What To Do With Ring Doorbell Security Screw Stripped

Ring Doorbell Security Screw Stripped
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Ring Doorbell Security Screw Stripped

Ring doorbell is designed to be mounted on the outside of your door so you can have the right alerts, talk to visitors at the door using the camera and also have the live motion alerts when the doorbell is armed. Since the doorbell is outside, you cannot have anyone mess with the doorbell and all the screws that are on the doorbell are stripped.

The security screws being stripped make it safe from intruders and you will not have to worry about any burglars or intruders messing up with the doorbell. Here are a few things that you would need to know about the Ring doorbell security screws.

Ring Doorbell Security Screw Stripped


The top advantage for your Ring doorbell to have the security screws is that you get to enjoy the perfect security. It makes it hard for anyone to locate the screws to start with and that will ensure that you will get the alert if someone tries to mess up with the doorbell at your door. Moreover, you will also be enjoying a sense of security that your doorbell is protected and when armed, no one can mess with your door or the doorbell because you will be alerted with the motion sensor.


We all know that aesthetics matter if you are looking to have the doorbell that you will be hanging on the door. These security screws will not be popping out as they might on some other doorbells and it will just feel like stuck to the wall there. This will significantly add to the beauty of your door and you can have the perfect experience there.

Not only that, but the seamless design would ensure that you can get it in accordance with the paint you have on your exterior wall so the doorbell would look perfect with the wall design.

If Stripped

If the security screws are stripped for some reason, and you are aware of that, it can cause you to have several issues. Make sure that you are not buying any Ring doorbell that has security screws stripped already because it means that there has been some sort of modification or repair inside the doorbell and that can cause you to have security issues later when you are using the doorbell on your door.

It will not only get you a sense of compromise on your security but it will also be a drawback for the durability and that is not something that you want. As recommended by Ring, you need to make sure that you are getting the doorbell from an authorized store and the security screws are not stripped already.

If you get them stripped for some reason, you should contact Ring support to get them replaced or covered again to have the right design aesthetics and security features enabled. The security screws are best dealt with the Ring support, so you will be getting the right service and can have the right satisfaction as well.

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