Is It Possible To Have A Dedicated Screen for Ring Doorbell?

Ring Doorbell Dedicated Screen
Ring Doorbell Dedicated Screen

If security is important to you, there are far worse ways to go about securing your home than installing a Ring Doorbell. Effectively, they allow you to monitor what is happening outside of your home in the same way that you once needed a CCTV set-up for. 

Yet, you can do this now for a mere fraction of the price. As far as smart home techs go, there are very few that have a use as practical as this.

Seeing as the Doorbell is complete with a high-def camera, it is actually far better than CCTV in some regards. Ever see those bank robbery videos where they are trying to identify the suspect using only a few blurry pixels? Well, that’s a thing of the past. It’s also far more intuitive than its outdated and clunky counterpart. 

The Ring Doorbell will let you know if it even suspects something by pinging a notification to your phone. From there, you can choose to watch it at your leisure – no matter where you are. No rooting through old tapes and rewinding them. 

Seeing as it’s clearly a really useful piece of kit, many of you out there have been asking us how exactly you can maximise its potential. Of the questions we are most asked, we thought we’d have a look into whether you can set up a dedicated screen in your home for the Ring Doorbell. 

How To Set Up Ring Doorbell Dedicated Screen

How To Set Up Ring Doorbell Dedicated Screen

As we were talking about above, the Ring will notify you about any motion outside of your door. It’s a useful feature, but wouldn’t it be great if it could feed that video to a dedicated screen in your home? Well, the good news is that this is entirely possible. 

It is a little tricky and comes with a few downsides, but we can still make it work. Better yet, it can be set up with either a tablet or a TV. There are many different ways of doing this – so we’ve single out the two easiest for you. 

Option 1

This option will only be available to you if you happen to have a dedicated Echo device in your home. It’s all about compatibility. As it happens, there are quite a few Echo devices that hook up nicely with Ring products. Of these, the most intuitive is the Echo Show 5, which is essentially a smart tablet that has Alexa built into it. 

If this happens to be your set up, you’re in luck. Basically, all you will need to do is just ask Alexa to connect up to the Ring as soon as it has detected it. Once you have paired the two devices, you can then leave the tablet anywhere that is convenient for you and use it as a dedicated CCTV screen.

That’s the easiest way around it. However, we do understand that not everyone just has these devices lying around their home. Next up, another way around it.

Option 2

For this option, you will not need any extra smart devices to make it all work. Instead, we are going to rely on T 3rd party apps that you can easily install onto your tablet or phone. Essentially, we are just going to put apps such as Tasker and AutomateIT to work.

Using these, you will be allowed to create a routine that brings the device to life any time that it gets a notification from the Ring Doorbell. It’s not a perfect solution, but it works! 

Now, once you have that set up, you may notice that it kind of just stays that way. Not a problem. You can also set up another routine which switches off the device after it has been idling for a time. 

As an afterthought, if you happen to be using iOS, there is an option you will have that Android users won’t. You will be able to set up the video in such a way that it automatically pops up. Ass far as we can tell, every device that follows iOS 4.1.11 has this capability.

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