3 Ways To Fix Smart Devices Lost Connection To Router After Power Outage

smart devices lost connection to router after power outage
smart devices lost connection to router after power outage

A power outage can cause several problems for your smart home. As we all know, the majority of smart devices need a stable Wi-Fi connection to perform different functions. Even the automation hubs operating on the local network will malfunction if the power outage lasts longer than a few minutes. Which is why users are recommended to use backup power system in their home.

People often mention that their devices won’t connect to the router after a power outage. Here are some ways you can get your smart devices to reconnect to the router after you’ve experienced a power outage.

How to Fix Smart Devices Lost Connection To Router After Power Outage?

  1. Reset the Router

Usually, if the power cut was for a few seconds then your smart devices will connect to the router again without any problem. But in some cases when the devices have been idle for a long time, they will not connect even when the power is back online. To resolve this issue, you can try power cycling the router once to refresh the network connection.

If that does not get the issue fixed then you should reset the router altogether. After reset, configure your smart devices with your home network again and they should be able to connect without much trouble. Most of the time, it is just a minor bug that is resolved after a quick reset.

  1. Power Cycle Device

It may be possible that the smart devices in your home did not boot up properly after the power was back on. So, to ensure that it is not the case with your devices you can go ahead and power cycle your smart devices. This includes removing the power supply for a few seconds and then plugging the devices back in. They should be able to connect after they boot up correctly.

If for some reason you’re still not able to get them connected to your home router then we suggest that you reset your smart device. The procedure for each device can be a bit different so you need to look through the manual to successfully reset your smart device.

  1. Damaged Device

In some cases, after a power surge or a power outage, some devices can get damaged. This might be the reason why your smart devices have lost connection to the router. If the internal circuits are damaged then there is nothing that you can do about it and you will have to get the device replaced.

To check if your device is damaged or not you can use the mobile hotspot. Enable the hotspot on your phone and then try connecting the smart device with your hotspot. If it can connect then the issue was in your router and you will have to replace it. But on the off chance, if the device is not connecting to the mobile hotspot after reset, then we believe that the device is faulty and you will need to buy a new one for your smart home.

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