11 Common Eve Door & Window Sensor Problems Troubleshooting

common eve door & window sensor problems troubleshooting
common eve door & window sensor problems troubleshooting

Due to the fact that it is both easy to use and has the potential to be of great use, the Eve Door & Window Sensor is one of the most intriguing examples of smart home technology.

On the other hand, throughout the process of setting it up, you can run into some typical issues and find it difficult to solve them on your own.

This is particularly likely if this is your first time setting up any type of home automation device at all.

In this article, we will discuss seven issues that are often experienced with the Eve Door & Window Sensor, as well as solutions to these issues.

Common Eve Door & Window Sensor Problems Troubleshooting


So that you may get this device up and running more quickly and take use of a greater number of its capabilities.

  1. The Door or Window Is Not Opening Or Closing

If your door or window is not opening or closing, you may have a problem with one of these three things:

  1. 1. The power source 2. The sensor; 3. The connection between the sensor and the door or window. We’ll go over how to troubleshoot each of these components below.

Alternately, if there are difficulties with the sensor, you may reset it, while changing the batteries in the gadget would address any power issues that may have arisen.

Try depressing the button that is located on the top of it for ten seconds, or until it quickly alternates between green and red.

If it does not work, try depressing and holding this button for the full thirty seconds.

Remove the device from its location near your door or window and replace it where it can sense better light levels.

Alternatively, move it closer to a window during the winter months when natural sunlight is scarce.

If none of the other solutions work, remove the device from its location near your door or window.

You should be able to correctly monitor if someone has been tampering with your property after resolving these seven frequent issues with the Eve Door & Window Sensor.

  1. The Sensor Is Not Responding

not responding

If you’ve noticed that your Eve Door & Window Sensor is not responding, you may want to check the following:

  • Check if your Wi-Fi connection is down or if your router is too far away.
  • Check if there are any interference issues with other electronics in the area such as microwaves, cordless phones and wireless speakers.
  • If you have updated your firmware on your sensor, it may take a few hours before it syncs with its hub again and becomes responsive.


  • You can also try resetting your sensor by removing the batteries and holding down the button for 10 seconds until you see all three LED lights turn on. Then replace them and wait for the sensor to sync up with its hub again.
  • Finally, when installing batteries into your new Eve Door & Window Sensor make sure they’re facing forward so they’ll charge better
  1. The LED Is Not Lighting Up

It is possible that the light will not turn on for a number of reasons, including that the room is already too dark.

It can also include that something is preventing the light from shining on the sensor, or that it is connected to an outlet that does not provide power.

You can fix these issues by either increasing the amount of ambient lighting, moving objects out of the way of the area where light shines on the sensor.

You can also fix by plugging it into a different outlet than the one it was originally plugged into.

Contact customer support if none of these solutions solve the problem; they will be happy to assist you!

  1. The App Is Saying That Your Eve Door & Window Sensor Isn’t Online

eve app

Make sure that the name of the Wi-Fi network on your device is the same as the name of the Wi-Fi network in your house.

If you can, try turning off Bluetooth on your phone, since this may prevent the connection from working properly.

  1. When Pressing The Button, The Door Opens/Closes Even Though The Button Wasn’t Pressed

Again, press and hold the button until the “Offline” message appears, and then release it.

Please refer to the “the app is saying that your Eve Door & Window Sensor isn’t online” section up top in order to stop something similar from happening again.

If nothing else works, you can always contact support, and they will be happy to assist you! Additionally, check the settings for your Bluetooth and ensure that it is turned on.

Launch the application, navigate to the Devices menu, and pick out your machine from the list. You’ll be able to see exactly where it is in relation to your phone thanks to this.

customer support

If you have exhausted all other options and it is still behaving strangely or does not appear when selected, please contact customer support so that they can assist you.

  1. The Sensor Is Not Sticking To The Door Or Window

It’s possible that the sensor is dirty, damaged, or coated with something like silicone, all of which could make it less effective at adhering to the window or door in question.

To fix this issue, you can try cleaning the area with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab. This should do the trick.


If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to get rid of whatever it is that’s causing the problem, then give it another shot.

When attempting to eliminate the source of the error, exercise extreme caution because certain substances are notoriously difficult to eradicate.

If something is oily, you should clean it with soapy water; if it is sticky, you should clean it with vegetable oil.

If it is gooey, you should clean it with baking soda; and if it is dry, you should clean it with rubbing alcohol.

  1. The Sensor Isn’t Registering Movement at All

Be sure that there is nothing, such as dirt or debris on the doorframe, that is preventing the sensors from detecting motion.

This includes checking the doorframe. In addition, you can modify the sensitivity of your sensors by going to Settings, selecting Devices, and then selecting the Sensitivity option.

It is possible that it will take a few minutes for them to recalibrate, but once they do, they should begin functioning as they were intended to.

  1. The Sensor Has Stopped Working Altogether

restart again

It’s possible that restarting your device will help get it up and running again. On the other hand, in the event that this does not resolve the issue, you will be required to completely reset your device.

After using up all of the power in the battery, you should connect the device to a power source and let it charge for a full day.

After the battery is fully charged, unplug the charger and then plug it back in. After unplugging something for two hours, turn the power back on and wait three minutes before turning it off once more.

  1. The Signal Is Weak

replace unit

If you find that the door sensor on your door is not detecting any movement, this may be a sign that the batteries in the sensor need to be replaced.

It is possible for the battery life of this kind of sensor to change depending on how frequently it is used; however, it should remain functional for approximately one year.

If you have recently installed your sensors but experiencing issues with them, check to see whether they are positioned closely enough to one another to allow for a direct line of sight from one sensor to the next.

  1. Not Working Properly with Apple Home

apple home

Any home that utilizes smart technology would benefit from installing the Eve Door and Window sensor. On the other hand, there have been reports of a few widespread issues from customers.

The most typical issue that arises with this piece of hardware is that it does not function appropriately with Apple Home.

Simply completing these three steps will make this problem go away. After turning off the Bluetooth on your phone, restarting your device, and then opening the home app again,

It is expected that the sensors for your doors and windows will appear in the list of devices.

If you still do not see them in your list of devices, you will need to repeat all of these steps in order to troubleshoot the issue, or you can contact customer service for assistance.

  1. The App Is Not Responding

app not responding

If you have recently updated your iOS or Android device and are having trouble with your Eve app, it is because you need to update the app on your phone. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Make sure that you are running a recent version of either iOS or Android. You can check by looking in Settings > General > About on your iPhone or Google Play Store on an Android device.
  • Uninstall the old version of the app.
  • Reinstall the new one from App Store or Google Play Store.

1 thought on “11 Common Eve Door & Window Sensor Problems Troubleshooting”

  1. Hi,
    I had an Eve door & window sensor that behaved erratically: It should pause heating as long as the window is open, but I often found the heating turned on while the window was open. At other times heating suddenly stopped despite the window was closed, etc. I have 4 sensors in other rooms with the same automation which work just fine.

    Resetting the sensor (and thereby removing it from my homekit config) and re-introducing it to my home is what finally helped me fixing the problem.

    However, some information here is quite confusing, especially under point 2 (resetting) when it reads:

    ” – You can also try resetting your sensor by removing the batteries and holding down the button for 10 seconds until you see all three LED lights turn on. Then replace them and wait for the sensor to sync up with its hub again.
    – Finally, when installing batteries into your new Eve Door & Window Sensor make sure they’re facing forward so they’ll charge better”

    There are multiple problems for me understanding these two bullet points:
    – you can’t reset the device without the battery inserted. If you do that without the battery inserted nothing will happen.
    – how could any LED turn on without any battery inserted?
    – on my sensor, there is only one red LED that will flash after those 10 seconds (but only with the battery inserted)
    – one needs to insert i.e. the end of a paperclip or similar into a small hole, not sure if that could be called a “button”, but more importantly
    – there only is *one* battery (a single 1/2 AA). So why does it read “batteries”?
    – I completely fail to understand the second bullet point: As already pointed out, there is only one battery, and there is only one way to insert it into the device. Therefore I am not sure what you mean by “make sure they are facing forward, so they’ll charge better”? The battery is not rechargeable, and even if it was, it would not be charged by inserting it into the device, or would it?

    When reading this, I am not sure whether this is about the same device I have? (Eve door & window). Is there some different type of this sensor around that I might not be aware of?

    Anyway, resetting worked for me, so thanks for the advice!

    Best Regards


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