Arlo Camera Keeps Detecting Motion: 3 Fixes

arlo camera keeps detecting motion
arlo camera keeps detecting motion

Arlo is one of the fast-growing names in the world of smart home security appliances as their cameras are just the perfect and one of the most affordable solutions that you can get to have a better connectivity experience with your home, office or any other place and stay up-to-date with the place.

These cameras come with a motion sensor embedded in them that will trigger you an alert on the phone if there is any sort of motion in front of the camera so you can check the feed for any burglary attempts or make sure that you are safe even while you are away from your place.

While motion detection is a great option and pretty useful feature, it can cause you to have certain trouble is you are getting fast alerts on your phone and you will need to a way to have this fixed. There is nothing to be worried about as you can do it in a few easy steps mentioned below.

Arlo Camera Keeps Detecting Motion

1) Optimize the Sensitivity

While most people might not know about this feature, there is an option in the application that allows you to check the motion sensor sensitivity and set it according to your preference. You can optimize it according to your needs like if you have some pets around your place, you will need to have it on the high side to get the right alerts or it can be triggered with the slightest movements.

What you need to do in this case is lower it down to 1% and test it for false alerts. If you are not getting any, you can try increasing it by 10 and then give it a try again. Keep this drill on until you are able to figure it out at what point you are getting the false alerts. You can set the motion sensitivity to 10% less than the point where you are getting the false alerts and that will solve the problem for you for good.

2) Re-install the application

There is also a possibility that the sensitivity might be right but your app can have some sort of error causing it to trigger these false alerts but that can be fixed easily. All you need to do is reinstall the application in the right manner. You will clear out any issues that might be causing you to have the problem and also ensure that you have the latest version installed this way.

3) Reset the camera

Another thing you can try out is reset the camera to its default settings. This should be easy enough for you as the option is available right there in the app. Just go to settings, choose the camera that is triggering false alerts and then go to reset menu.

Here you will find the option to reset it to default settings and clicking that will get you rid of any sort of issues and errors that might be causing you to have false alerts on your motion sensors.

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