4 Ways To Fix myTouchSmart Plug-In Timer Not Working

mytouchsmart Plug In Timer Not Working
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mytouchsmart Plug In Timer Not Working

myTouchSmart offers a great approach to an innovative smart home. They have a wide variety of products, each focused on making your life simpler and smarter. Through their products, you are able to save up both your energy and money.

Their smart switches and dimmers are incredibly easy to program as all of them are completely Wi-Fi enabled. They have solutions for both indoor and outdoor lightings. What’s even better is that these smart devices are compatible with both Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Voice Assistant, which gives you superior voice control.

How to Fix myTouchSmart Plug-in Timer Not Working?

Many users are frustrated with the fact that their myTouchSmart plug-in timer is not working. Whatever they try to do, the timer just won’t work. As a result, these users search in online threads for an answer. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they search, they can’t seem to find the right solution for the problem.

This is why today; we will be focusing on the number of solutions that you can try in order to resolve the issue. Here’s all of them listed down below:

  1. Reset the Smart Plug

In situations like these, resetting should help you successfully troubleshoot the issue. Resetting helps you reset the settings stored inside the plug. This will clear out any minor bug in the smart plug or its settings. The procedure of resetting is quite simple as well.

All you have to do is to locate the reset button in the smart plug. You will need a pencil, toothpick, or any thin material that can help you reach and press the reset button. Make sure you press and hold the reset button for at least 3-5 seconds.

  1. Power Cycle the Smart Plug

Power cycling can also help you troubleshoot the issue. Power cycling only requires you to unplug and plug the device again into any outlet. Just make sure that you keep the smart plug unplugged for a minute or so before finally attempting to plug it again.

  1. Reinstall the App

It is highly likely that your app could be the reason behind the issue. Hence, to troubleshoot, we suggest you to completely reinstall the app in your phone. You can also try clearing/deleting the cache/data files of the app.

  1. Contact Support

If none of the instructions seem to be helping you to troubleshoot, we recommend contacting customer support. Someone from the support team should handle this matter professionally and help fix the issue.

The Bottom Line

Are you wondering why my Smart Plug-in timer is not working? There is no need to worry as following the 4 steps mentioned in the article should help you fix the problem without any further complications.

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