5 Common iHome Smart Plug Troubleshooting

iHome Smart Plug Troubleshooting
iHome Smart Plug Troubleshooting

The iHome smart plug is a great smart device that allows you to control your surroundings whether it be your household or work-related smart devices, it all at your fingertips. It can work easily through your voice. It usually is workable with any smart assistance such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, or Apple Home Kit, etc. that mainly enables smart surrounding speakers.

It makes living easier, efficient, simple, and standardized. You can also use the iHome smart plug with the Apple Siri on your IOS devices either individually or in a group base, whatever you desire.

Some common problems faced by individuals are:

1. The smart plugs turn on-off randomly and sometimes miss the scheduled rules by some minutes or so.
2. How much energy do they consume? Do they consume energy on standby mode?
3. What is the average life span of an iHome smart plugs?
4. Do iHome smart plugs work away from home?
5. How to reset the iHome smart plug?

iHome Smart Plug Troubleshooting

1. It is usually seen where people have more than one iHome smart pugs at home. This might be due to the reason that the vibrations or frequency of each iHome smart plug might interfere with each other’s frequency, resulting in malfunctions.

However, through the reviews of people seen on the internet, you should install up to a maximum of 2 smart plugs in a room or so. This will result in efficiency in timely schedules, alarms & other specific requirements from the iHome smart plug.

2. iHome smart plugs not only make your life simpler but also help you to save energy. You can save up to 5% of energy if you convert from using simple devices to smart devices that are controlled by the iHome smart plug. However, the iHome smart plugs are considered to consume electricity even when they are on standby mode.

The consumption is fairly small, say about around 1 Watt, that would not affect your energy bills. And it is also seen that if the smart plug is considerably used accurately, you can save energy consumption by up to 6% on average.

3. The average life span of the iHome smart plug is about 6 months to a whole year. But according to the reviews seen these stops working after a few months, say 3 to 4 months. It mainly depends on how you use it. If the iHome smart plugs are going through a rough time, then you possibly are limiting its life span to some days.

4. An iHome smart plug helps you to connect you to your smart home appliances remotely, letting you control any of the smart devices away from home.

5. To reset your smart plug, Press and hold the power button which is situated in the corner of the plug for a minimum of 15 seconds. The LED light will then flash red and green lights. You should know after seeing this that your plug has been reset.

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