5 Ways To Fix Google Home Mini Not Responding

google home mini not responding
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google home mini not responding

The Google Home Mini is a compact device that you can use to control your smart home devices using voice commands. It can also play music and help you plan out your week through calendar scheduling. It is relatively cheap and you don’t have to pay any monthly payments to use it. It has a beautiful design and blends in with your home furniture quite nicely.

Although it is a very reliable device, many users have reported issues with their Google Home Mini Not responding. If you’re having similar challenges with your Google Home mini, then read through this article to find some potential fixes to your problem.

How to Fix Google Home Mini Not Responding?

  1. Reboot Google Home Mini

Most of the time this error is just a minor bug that you can easily fix by giving your Google Home mini a quick reboot. The reboot process won’t take much of your time and if you’re not having this problem frequently then rebooting your device is the best fit for you.

To do this, just unplug the power cord from your device and wait for around 30 seconds. After 30 seconds plug the power cord back into the power source and wait for your Google Mini to boot up. Once it is fully booted up try using voice commands to check if whether or not your issue is resolved.

  1. Make Sure Your Device Is Within Range

If your Google Home mini responds perfectly when you’re standing close to the device and only malfunction when you try giving voice commands through other rooms then it is likely that you’re standing outside the effective range of your Google Home mini. It can only register commands from users that are within a 12 Feet range.

So, if you’re in other rooms or a corner of a big hallway then it is likely that your Google home can’t even listen to your voice commands which is why you’re not able to get it to work. This is why it is recommended that you put the Google Home mini in the middle of your room/Hall so that you have no issues in communicating with the device.

  1. Hot word

Another thing that you have to check is that you’re using the Hot word correctly, this includes saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” before any voice commands you’re using. If you’re using it properly then you will notice the LED indicator light up on the Google Home mini.

If the LED indicator does not light up when you use these Hot words then that means it is not recognizing the hot words. In which situation you will have to reconfigure the hearing sensitivity of these hot words. You can easily do so by opening up your Google Home app and going into the user settings. From there you can manage the voice detection sensitivity to avoid running into this issue ever again.

  1. Move the Google Home Mini

Sometimes interference can cause your Google Home Mini to behave like this. A lot of users who were in a similar situation mentioned that they had placed their Google device near a television. Due to this whenever the television was turned on the voice commands would not work.

The Google Home device was just not able to distinguish the voice commands from the sound coming from the TV. Moving the Google Home device to another location fixed the issue for them. So, if you have also put your Google Home near a noise source then it is recommended that you move the Google device to a quieter part of your home and that should fix your problem.

  1. Reset Google Mini

As a last option, if everything else fails, you can try resetting your Google Home Mini to factory settings. This will take care of any bugs that might be causing this issue. All you have to do to reset the device is gold down the reset button at the bottom part of the device. Hold the button for about 15 seconds until you hear your Google Home Mini say that the device is resetting.

If your issue is still not fixed then it is likely that your device has hardware issues and you need to get it replaced. So, contact your supplier and explain the situation to them.

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