Is the Google Home Mini Wireless? (Answered)

is the google home mini wireless
is the google home mini wireless

Google Home Mini is one of the best automation devices that you can buy. It has a compact design and can be used to link up all of your smart home devices. As long as you’re standing within the range you can use voice commands to control all the smart devices linked with Google Home.

You can also use the mobile app to schedule timers and routines to help you manage your day. We will now be going over different features of Google Home mini and whether or not the Google Home Mini is wireless.

Is the Google Home Mini Wireless?

The answer to this question is not so simple, yes you can use the Google Home Mini wirelessly through the mobile app but you still need the power cord to work with the smart device. As far as the wireless feature is concerned you can use different functions of the Google Home Mini device as long as it is connected to a stable network connection. Meaning that you can use the Google Home device wirelessly through the home network.

But that does not mean that this device is portable. You can only access it wirelessly but the device itself is connected to a power cord. It does not have a battery built in the device itself. So, to power it up you need to connect the Google Home Mini to a power source.

So, looking from this perspective the Google Home mini is not wireless and should be connected to a power cord at all times if you want it to work properly.

However, that does not mean that you can’t make the device portable. All you need is a good battery pack and then you can connect it with the Google Home Mini. You need to make sure that the battery pack has a high enough power output to keep the Google Home Mini running at all times.

Once the device is connected to a stable power source, you’re free to move the device wherever you want. Once you fix the power pack with the device you will no longer be restricted by the power cord.

Furthermore, you can also use your mobile hotspot to connect to the Google Home Mini. That way you can even take it out of the effective range of your home network and it will still work perfectly. So, if you were looking to make your Google Home Mini wireless then you can utilize the 2 methods mentioned above.

To Conclude

The Google Home Mini can be accessed over a wireless network but still relies on a power cord to work properly. If you want to make it completely wireless then we recommend that you use a battery pack along with your mobile hotspot.

That way you won’t be restricted by the network and power limitations and you can easily get your smart device to work from anywhere. Moreover, the power flow should be stable and strong enough to keep the smart device powered up at all times.

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