3 Ways To Fix Google Home Broadcast Not Working

google home broadcast not working
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google home broadcast not working

Google is an American multinational company that focuses both on providing services and products that are related to the internet. Some of these make the process easier for you while others might come in handy at times. The brand is mainly known for its search engine which can be used to access information from all around the internet.

Google Home is one of their new products which is a voice assistant for their users. You can purchase it directly from the company and then set it up. After configuring all the files and then connecting the system to your phone. You can then control it through your device and also give voice commands to any other system that is connected to it. Recently, some Google Home users have been complaining that the broadcast service on it is not working. If you are also getting this problem then here are some troubleshooting steps.

How to Fix Google Home Broadcast Not Working?

  1. Update Application

The broadcast service is usually provided to people through the Google Home application that you have installed on your device. If you are having any troubles with the feature then the reason for it is most likely your application. Most problems with it can be resolved by simply updating the program. Google releases a bunch of patch files frequently to fix any issue that users had reported about getting.

Considering this, if you had been using an old update then the problem might already be fixed. You can update the application by going to the app store on your mobile phone. Search for the software and then click on update to start the procedure. Make sure that the speed of your internet connection remains stable throughout the procedure.

This ensures that there is no error while installing the update. In case your connection gets cut in between, it is recommended that you start the update again. In some cases, even uninstalling the application and then downloading it again can fix the issue. Though, keep in mind that this has a chance of removing all of your configuration files as well.

  1. Clear Cache

If the simple update does not fix the problem for you then you might have to clear up the cache files on your device. These are small temporary data files that the program stores on them from the user. All of these are then used to speed up the functionality of your application so that you do not have much trouble.

Though, if the software fails to clear these then you may notice a decline in speed and even get errors at times. The problem you are getting might also be due to this exact reason. This is why it is recommended that you clear up the cache files for your device manually. Start by opening up the settings of your mobile phone. Now proceed to find the applications and browse through them.

All the programs currently installed on your device will be listed here so go through them carefully. Find and open the Google Home program and then click on the ‘clear cache button. This will ask for confirmation and then delete all these files. Hopefully, this should help in getting your device to start working again.

  1. Pair Devices Again

Sometimes the problem can be that your devices are having trouble trying to pair up with each other. This is common and you can easily fix this by pairing all of these again. You can start by removing all the systems that have been connected to Google Home. Make sure that you clear up the data for these. You can now start pairing all of them back to the device again.

You can even try to pair one device at first and see if it works fine. This will help you in confirming if the pairs had some trouble. The process to configure all of your devices again can be a little annoying. Talking about this, you can also make a backup copy of your settings at this time. This will help you in reverting any changes that can cause similar problems again. Just make sure that you make backup saves whenever you set up a new device and the Google Home is working fine.

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