8 Solutions For EZVIZ Night Vision Not Working

ezviz night vision not working
ezviz night vision not working

For cameras to function under low light conditions, they come with the added feature of night vision.

Through this model, these cameras can successfully perform surveillance and record even during the night. Though it can be quite alarming to have your camera’s night vision acting up.

What is scarier than your smart camera giving out on you? The answer is nothing!

It can be pretty daunting when you’re not getting a reasonable response from the hardware. This is why every expert recommends that you get the security system installed by a professional. 

Do you want to save a couple of bucks or do you want a more secure security system?

The choice falls on your head. So, instead of going cheap, saving your money, and spending hours testing out different configurations, just hire a local. He will charge you money, but you will get a ton of value in return. 

Regarding this, we have seen people get concerned about their EZVIZ night vision not working.

This is why today; we will be taking a deeper look at all the possible reasons which could lead to this particular issue. So, let’s not waste any time further, and get right into it!

How to Fix EZVIZ Night Vision Not Working?

  1.       Turning On Infrared Mode

As simple as it may sound, it is quite possible that you might simply have the mode disabled under the settings. Night vision or IR mode can be activated under your camera’s settings.

So, to make sure that you have these enabled, simply access your settings. You have to look out for an option labeled either “Infrared mode” or “Night vision”.

If you find either one of these, ensure they are enabled. Just in case, look out for any toggle switch physically located on the camera for the night vision mode.

  1.       Restarting Your Camera

There’s also the possibility that your camera might simply be bugging out. In such cases, it may start to act up. To prevent this from happening, there are a number of things that you can do.

However, we recommend that you restart your camera, or make it go through a complete power cycle.


More specifically, you will have to turn off your camera and unplug it from the power source. Keep it turned off for 40-60 seconds before turning it back on.

  1.       Software Upgrade

If your camera is due for a software upgrade, it is possible that it might start to act weird in all sorts of ways. To fix this, you have to make sure that you are running the latest version of software on these devices.

  1.       Check Camera Lens

Now, let’s move on to the maintenance side of things. Do you put any focus on cleaning the camera or adjusting its positioning? If your answer here is “no,” then that might be the main cause of the issue here. 

You will not believe how far a few cleaning cycles will take you! So, if you’re still stuck in the same error and can’t seem to figure out a way, then clean up the camera lens.

All that you’re aiming for is a clean lens that can engage the night vision mode when it is dark outside.

Yes, cleaning will impact the performance of the night vision mode. So, when you’re stuck, just clean up the lens.

clean lense

You can try wiping away the gunk with a cloth or blasting the unit with compressed air. Both of these methods are suitable enough to help you through these complications.

From there, you just gotta wait for the night. Let the horizon get dark and limit the exposure on the camera. It will take a bit of time, and the night vision will engage as soon as the light exposure is minimal. 

This step might sound simple to you, but we can’t understate the value of basic maintenance. Yes, it can seem trivial, but you’re not left with many options here.

So, try relying on the officials when you can’t seem to figure out a way through these errors.

  1.       A Reset Might Be Of Use

The next thing that you will have to test here is the reset cycle. This includes going through with a quick reset routine and then checking up on the programming side of things one more time.

Now, if you have a bit of technical knowledge, you will know that resetting the camera will wipe all the settings away.

Sounds terrible right? Well, it is not that serious. You will still have total control of the situations and you can always set up the camera from scratch.

Yes, it will take a bit more of your time and you will have to set up all the configurations from the beginning. 

However, spending more time in the fix is much better than struggling with the night vision mode indefinitely.

Just be sure to spare a few hours for the complete trial and error routine. Yes, it will be daunting at first, but you will have decent control of the situation.  

You can also spend some time memorizing or listing the current configuration for the camera.


Alternatively, the option of hiring a local expert to help with the reset and the installation of the camera is never a bad idea. That way, you will be able to avoid a fair bit of hassle in the long run. 

  1.       Get Rid Of Extra Lights

Sometimes, all that you will have to do is to get rid of the extra lights. If you’ve yet to narrow down the situation, then the issue might just be with the extra lights. This issue is more common than you might think.

At night, people sometimes have a second light source shining a beam of light directly in front of the camera.

It will be necessary to utilize the lights as fuel. This will make night vision possible and aid in further lowering the exposure of the camera.

It is true that exposure to light and having good night vision go hand in hand. You cannot just depend on the light exposure or the night vision mode. Turn off the additional lights if you ever find yourself in this predicament.

Once all the lights are removed, you need to also look for shiny surfaces that will produce a glare.

These surfaces will only negatively impact the situation and you will struggle with night vision. So, you need to limit the glare as well when the issue is out of your hands.

  1.       Change Camera Orientation

We’ve already mentioned that the majority of issues with the camera can be linked with the poor installation.

Even if you reach through the manual multiple times, the issues will still present themselves to the owners. So, you will have to figure out a solution accordingly.

All that you’re trying to do is to hire a local expert who maintains professional knowledge in this segment.

There is no point in trying to get through the error on your own when you can get help from the locals. So, try and reach out and the locals will be more than happy to help.

Yes, you will still have to pay the professionals for their services. However, the time you’ll be saving will be well worth it.

Not to mention the increased performance and limited issues and hassle from the night vision mode. So, get to your local hardware store and try hiring an expert. 

  1.       Referring To Customer Support

If you still haven’t had any luck in resolving the issue, then your best bet is to get in touch with the support team.

support team

Let them know about your night vision mode not working like it’s supposed to. Similarly, they should advise further solutions which should be able to help you get rid of the problem.

The Bottom Line:

Annoyed with having your EZVIZ night vision not working? Luckily, there are a number of things that you can do in order to get this issue fixed.

However, if you wish to learn exactly how you can troubleshoot each one of these issues, then we strongly advise that you follow all the instructions that have been mentioned in the article.

The details here should help you get sorted through the programming errors. 

However, there is no need to sweat it either when you can’t fix the EZVIZ system yourself.

Anyone can get stuck in these minor issues, and you shouldn’t panic. Instead, your first mode of action should be to hire a local technician or a contractor.

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