3 Best Deebot Mopping Solution Alternatives

deebot mopping solution alternatives
deebot mopping solution alternatives

There’s no denying that Deebot is a great tool that can be used in order to give you the ability of being able to clean your house without putting in any effort. The robot vacuum cleaner can also act as a mop through which you can clean your floor.

While the device mainly uses water as a solution for mopping on the floor, certain users still prefer using a solution as it helps remove substances. However, this is where users often get confused as they don’t have any idea for good alternatives to the Deebot mopping solution. If you are also someone stuck with the same thing in mind, then here are some alternatives that you should look for!

Best Deebot Mopping Solution Alternatives

  1. Make Your Own Mix

If you are worried about accidentally using a solution that is going to ruin your Deebot, then what better thing to use then to make your very own mix. This way, you will know exactly what you are using inside the solution. Even more so, you should be able to create a custom solution that works just as you intend it to work.

For starters, you can make a mix using a few squeezes of Pledge Future Shine (compound for giving both shine and fragrance) coupled with some drops of normal floor cleaner. You can also combine the solution with a disinfectant solution. All three of these should help give your floor a shiny look while making sure to remove all the harmful particulars. Furthermore, the floor should also give a pleasant smell.

  1. Water

As already explained before, most users prefer using only water with the Deebot mopping robot and there’s a very good reason to it. Not only does using water makes sure that there is nothing out of order, but it should also be enough to do most of the job.

Being cost-effective as well, the only thing that you will need to worry about is not overfill the robot with water. It is also worth mentioning that these cleaner robots come with water as the default solution for mopping the floor. This is why you shouldn’t face any kind of trouble while attempting to use it in order to clean the floor. In fact, most users actually advise to use only water inside the water tank and not use any other kind of chemicals.

  1. The Best Approach

Apart from the two alternative solutions that we have listed already, the best approach with these robot mops is to try and attempt to clean using both water and chemicals. However, as it is isn’t exactly safe to use chemical solutions inside the Deebot mop, you should only fill the device using water.

Basically, you should only use the Deebot mop for removing dirt and debris from the floor. Similarly, you an use the a disinfectant spray or any other chemical on the floor on your own, which should be a much safer approach.

Why Shouldn’t You Use Any Solutions?

In case you are wondering why you shouldn’t be using any cleaning solution inside the Deebot, then that is because Ecovacs recommends to only use water. This is because the solution can end up gumming up the water inside the water emitting nozzles which can cause problems in the long run.

Besides, unlike most other mopping robots, Deebot seems to work like a charm even if you only decide to use water as the main solution for cleaning. Though you can mix a bit of vinegar inside water for getting optimal results while cleaning the floor.

The Bottom Line:

Want to know the best alternatives for Deebot mopping solution? Unfortunately, the device isn’t known for holding up any cleaning solutions inside it which is why you should always avoid using any chemicals. Instead, you should be fine with only using water as the main solution. You can always use a disinfectant spray, or try mixing the water with a bit of vinegar for removing sticky dirt marks that won’t go away.

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