3 Ways To Fix Dimmer Switch Will Not Turn Off Completely

dimmer switch will not turn off completely
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dimmer switch will not turn off completely

Dimmer switches are a great way of making your smart home a much better place to live in. Not only does it allow you to be able to dim your lights, but you also get to enjoy remote control over all the switches.

How to Fix Dimmer Switch Will Not Turn Off Completely?

A lot of users have been facing complications while trying to turn off their dimmer switches. According to these users, the dimmer switch will not turn off completely. Even when the dimmer is turned off, it will keep on glowing. As a result, these users are confused about what could possibly be wrong.

Through this article, we will be listing a number of ways on how you can fix this issue. So, if you are facing a similar issue, then we highly suggest that you keep on reading!

  1. It Might Be Glowing Due to Ghost Current

If any one of the bulbs in your circuit does not turn off all the way, then this is what people usually like to call ghost current in the circuit. Simply put, this happens whenever there is an excess energy leak into the bulbs. As a result, whenever this happens, your bulbs might not turn off completely.

This usually happens when your circuitry is too old to regulate your current. Most usually, this issue is resolved by installing an LED dimmer in the circuit or upgrading all the wires in your house.

  1. Use A Dimmer Switch Designed for LED

The problem with most light dimmers is that they might put a pulse of power. Due to this, the brighter their settings, the wider pulse will generate. However, there’s a way to cheat this by making use of an incandescent bulb.

Simply put, you will have to plug in an incandescent bulb which will act as a minimum load. This will then help the LED to behave much better. However, this isn’t a really useful solution to the problem as it is only a short-term solution. You will have to make sure that you install the correct dimmer for the LED.

  1. Replace the Bulbs

One other thing that you can do in order to fix the issue is to completely replace the bulbs as well. It could be that you are using a set of outdated or poor-quality. If that is so, then you should try using LED bulbs instead as they are known to be much more reliable.

The Bottom Line

Here are the 3 ways on how you can fix the Dimmer switch will not turn off completely. If you are currently experiencing the issue, then following the instructions mentioned in the article should help in resolving your problem for good.

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