Aladdin Connect Vs MyQ (Differences Between Aladdin Connect And MyQ)

Aladdin Connect Vs MyQ
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Aladdin Connect Vs MyQ

Aladdin Connect and MyQ both are among the best smart garage door openers of 2020. Choosing one out of them is a difficult decision. In this article, we will compare the difference between Aladdin Connect and MyQ and we will see which one is better for your garage door.

Aladdin Connect Vs MyQ


Let us look at the features of the MyQ door opener. It has so incredible qualities that you will become its fan without any doubt. The best of its qualities is that it has a sensor for the door of your garage. Not just the sensor it also comes with a hub that gets connected to Wi-Fi.

These two features give you full command over your garage door. They work through a simple process. All that you have to do is, send a command through your smart device and it will be forwarded to the hub. The hub forwards your command to the sensor which in response activates the door of your garage.

The application of the MyQ door opener is another amazing feature. It does a lot of things for you. You can have complete control over your garage door just by having this application. In addition to it lets you see if your door is opened or closed and if it is opened it closes it on your command and vice versa. All you have to do is that pair it with the google connect and enjoy the voice control over the door of your garage from the comfort of your bed.

The MyQ door opener goes well with almost all garage door brands that were introduced around the year 1993 and after that. So even if you have a comparatively older version of the garage door you can still buy the MyQ door opener and use it for your door without any trouble.

MyQ currently works with SmartThings, NEST, and Xfinity Home smart home systems. It facilitates you in every way but the only thing that we are not happy about is that it does not work with Alexa. One can use Siri and Google Assistant but Alexa is not an option for now.

Genie Aladdin Connect

In comparison to MyQ, Genie Aladdin Connect is also a capable smart garage door opener. Like MyQ it connects wirelessly to the Wi-Fi of your home but to the door of your garage, it is connected with two small wires. It also lets you control the door of your garage through an application that is installed on your smartphone.

The Genie Aladdin Connect door opener also works with all kinds of doors that were manufactured after 1933. The best part about Genie Aladdin Connect, which makes it different from MyQ is that it can be controlled with Alexa and Google assistant too. This is where it takes the lead.

Another amazing feature is the multiple doors controlling system of Genie Aladdin Connect. Although it comes with one door sensor but can control up to three garage doors at a time. The nineteen virtual keys option is our favorite.

Yes, it gives you the option of multiple door accesses with nineteen virtual keys. The doors can also be controlled through your smartwatch which means that you don’t even have to carry your smartphone everywhere in order to have access to the door of your garage. You can open or close the door of your garage just by having your smartwatch on your wrist. This is a pretty modern feature and is not available in MyQ.

These were the features of the Genie Aladdin Connect door controller which are almost the same as MyQ. But the Genie Aladdin Door Controller takes the lead at certain places as MyQ still lacks the feature of being connected to Alexa but the Genie Aladdin door controller can easily do that for you.

The set-up of both door openers is very easy and user friendly and both of them are equally reliable therefore if you don’t already use Alexa and neither do plan to use it in the future, you can buy any of these door openers without any confusion because both of them are equally efficient in their working. There are minor differences but they are negligible depending upon your situation.

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