Does Nest Works With SmartThings?

Does Nest Works With SmartThings
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Does Nest Works With SmartThings


SmartThings is a cloud-based home automation system meaning it uses your home Wi-Fi to control different smart home devices. Since its inception in 2012, SmartThings is now fully owned by Samsung Electronics.

The main use of SmartThings is to integrate various smart home devices into a single central hub. A hub that provides extra convenience when controlling, changing, and programming these smart home devices. So instead of going through each device one by one, SmartThings allows you to tap into their settings from a single application interface. Aside from integrating Samsung devices, SmartThings also supports a ton of other 3rd party devices.


Nest is a smart home device making company founded by former Apple engineers in 2010. Owned by Google in 2014, Nests’ catalog of devices include thermostats, smart displays, smart speakers, smoke detectors, security systems, routers, and many more.

Before September 2019, nest smart home devices allowed smart hub integration through the NST Manager app. This allowed home automation hubs like Samsung’s SmartThings to integrate Nest smart home devices into its ecosystem. As a result, the common consumer had more freedom when choosing and customizing a smart home for themselves.

Does Nest Works With SmartThings

September of 2019 was the time when Google decided to remove the compatibility of its Nest smart home devices with many other home automation products and systems including Samsung’s SmartThings.

This effectively barred users from creating a fully functional home automation ecosystem if they were using Samsung’s SmartThings as a central hub and had bought one or two Nest devices.

This separation divided the consumers into two categories, people who bought a brand new Nest device and people who had the Nest device integrated into their home automation system before the separation.

The only solution new buyers have is enabling Google assistant in their SmartThings devices and use it to control both SmartThings and Nest devices. Whereas people who have their Nest devices already connected through the NST manager can keep the connection by ignoring the update email sent by Google headquarters.

NST Manager Compatibility

NST Manager is the only option for people who want to keep their home automation ecosystem whole. It’s a free app that allows Nest devices to integrate/communicate with SmartThings devices. Not all Nest devices are compatible, because new devices like Nest x Yale Lock or Nest Secure Alarm are updated to the new Nest software.

The only devices that are compatible through the NST Manager are,

  • Nest Hello doorbell
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Cams
  • Nest Protect smoke and CO2 alarm

The condition for having them compatible with your SmartThings devices is not updating your software.

Future Prospects

According to Google, they are planning to address this non-compatibility issue in the near future. The company may decide to re-add a few compatibility features back into its Nest devices. Since Samsung’s SmartThings devices are compatible with Google Assistant, they might end up being one of the compatible devices.

So in 2020, people with SmartThings as the main hub should avoid buying new Nest devices.

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