Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs?

Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs
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Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs

Roomba 980 is a vacuum cleaner robot that that helps you clean your floors and other surfaces and makes them dirt-free just with the click of a button. Roomba 980 has this amazing feature of navigating your entire house. It navigates the house, then records the track of its location, and keeps on charging itself as per need until the whole work that is assigned to it is done. It increases its power and cleaning systems automatically when it is on carpets.

These are the basic working principles of Roomba 980. A lot of customers are confused that can Roomba 980 clean stairs as efficiently as it cleans flat surfaces or will it fall down stairs? This article will help you answer this question.

The direct answer to the question that “Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs?” is that Roomba 980 will not fall down stairs. Let us understand that why does it not fall down stairs and how does it prevent itself from falling?

Will Roomba Fall Down Stairs

The Roomba 980 comes with Cliff Detect sensors inculcated in it. These Cliff Detect sensors to sense when the device is on a higher surface and has to go downwards in order to work further. When Roomba 980 detects stairs it starts tumbling over the drop-offs. The feature of tumbling over prevents the Roomba 980 from any kind of harm or breakage because of which it keeps working smoothly and cleans your stairs from every corner. It makes your house dirt-free and is in fact the best device to clean your floor automatically.

Therefore, you can use Roomba 980 without any fear that it will fall down the stairs and will stop working or something because it will not. The Roomba 980 is already designed to stay away from the stairs. It’s Cliff Detect Sensor will sense the height and instruct Roomba to change its direction and move away from the stairs. The Cliff Detect sensors are very efficient and they detect the stairs within no time at all.

Roomba 980 is preferred by many customers when it comes to the selection of a vacuum cleaning robot because of the Cliff Detect sensors because then they can leave their cleaner to clean the house without the fear of it falling down from the stairs. They don’t have to check it every second that if it is away from the stairs or near them.

In addition to it, the customers don’t have to do an extra effort to keep a watch on the cleaner when they have Roomba 980. It does the job perfectly and is the right kind of investment that saves your time, effort, and money.

We hope that this article was helpful in clearing your doubts regarding Roomba 980’s stability on the stairs and now you can buy it without any confusion. We are sure that it will prove to be the right investment for your home and will clean your surfaces and other places of the house without any trouble.

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