Rainmachine Mini 8 Review (Pros and Cons)

Rainmachine Mini 8 Review
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Rainmachine Mini 8 Review

In this article, we will be giving a review on Rainmachine mini 8 and will be telling you about its good features and bad things about it so that you have a good knowledge before buying it and you are not confused with your decision.

Rainmachine Mini 8 Review

Positive Features:

  • Water-saving quality:

Let us have a look at the good features first. The best thing about the Rainmachine mini 8 is that it saves water and avoids unnecessary wastage of water. It knows how much water is exactly needed and then spends it accordingly.

  • Accurate weather information:

Its accurate weather forecasts are what makes us fall in love with it. It uses NOAA for weather information which is updated every six hours and is totally free. The updating of weather after every six hours helps it to give error-free results of weather prediction.

  • Watering Schedules:

Rainmachine mini 8 is very efficient with its watering schedules. It uses real-time temperature, wind, and rainfall data to adjust its watering timetable. Its set up is very simple and it is very user friendly. Customers are very happy with the easy setup procedure of Rainmachine mini 8.

The interface for Android and iOS devices is also pretty simple to use which saves the users from setting up troubles and unnecessary confusion. Rainmachine mini 8 also allows you to add multiple weather sources which makes it more efficient and error-free in its weather results.

  • Adjustable water levels:

Watering levels are also adjustable. This feature is very praised because the users can set extra watering for hot days as per their needs. It is not useful on hot days only. When there are cold days it also saves water from freezing. So, whatever the temperature is, the Rainmachine mini 8 will work equally well and will not disappoint the customer at all.

  • Water restriction:

Rainmachine mini 8 has another feature that helps you restrict the watering. One can restrict the device from watering for days, hours, and even months. You can have complete control over the device with the help of the application. One can start or stop watering very easily at any time by using the application. In case you keep a contractor for this task, the Rainmachine mini 8 also allows guests to log in so that your contractor can easily log in to the device without knowing your login ID or password.

It is very pocket friendly and is usually sold at lesser prices than its competitors and comes in very nice and neat packaging. It also has a manual controlling system for turning the display on and off. These were some of the features that make us love the Rainmachine mini 8.

Negative Features:

Let us have a look at the features that we don’t like much about the Rainmachine mini 8.

  • Eight Zone working:

The restriction of working with only eight zones is not very impressive. Yes, the Rainmachine mini 8 works with eight zones only. Therefore, the customers who own more than eight zones have to buy multiple units otherwise they have to go for larger units which are very expensive and heavy on the pocket.

  • Not waterproof:

It is not waterproof. To save it from the water you will always have to mount it indoors and it does not give you the liberty to be mounted anywhere you want.

  • Glitches in the application:

Although the controlling of the Rainmachine mini 8 with the help of an application is very overwhelming the application shows glitches at a time which is a negative feature of the device. Although the company needs to work on these flaws of Rainmachine mini 8, we feel like these flaws are not big enough to not buy the Rainmachine mini 8 as the positive and helpful features are way more than the negative ones.

We have presented an honest review of Rainmachine mini 8 with all good and bad features. It proves that the overall experience of Rainmachine mini 8 is not that bad and it is definitely worth giving a try. Its amazing features, accurate weather predictions, manual and digital controlling systems, and the fact that it is cheaper than the same devices from other companies are enough of a reason to buy the Rainmachine mini 8 without getting a second thought. You will not regret your decision at all.

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