Wink vs Wemo- Which Is Better?

Wink vs Wemo
Wink vs Wemo

Doing some work on a link between Wink, Belkin, and the WeMo switch? Despite this, we keep our fingers crossed that there is a solution to this problem somewhere.

The configuration of IFTTT supports both WeMo and Wink, but Wink sensors cannot be used to start a recipe in my configuration of IFTTT. It would appear that IFTTT’s ability to activate Wink shortcuts is restricted to only WeMo.

Wemo and Wink are compared in this article, along with why each option is preferable.

Wink vs Wemo

Specifics Wink Wemo
Design Sleek Moderate
Installation Complex Relatively Easier
Pricing Slightly Expensive Cheaper
Dealer Support Comprehensive Comprehensive

The general rule when buying new smart devices is to stick with the popular brand. However, this rule doesn’t quite cut it when you’re confused between some of the most established brands like Wink and Wemo.

The purchase decision can become hard when both choices are equally good and the performance differences don’t have a significant weight.

In these situations, we recommend customers to go with a smart device that is cheaper. 

Unless you’re completely sold on exclusive features or the better connectivity options in the Wink systems, trying out Wemo is not a bad idea.

This brand has dominated and will continue to dominate the market when you’re talking about affordable smart plugs and accessories. 

Does it match the performance of the Wink system punch for punch? Probably not.

However, you’ll be saving on a decent chunk of budget when you go with the Wemo system instead of the Wink system. Just figure out how much budget you’re able to comfortably spend and move forward from there. 

On the other side of things, we will never say that the Wink system is a bad option. While it is not the cheap option, it is certainly not the worse option.

The quality and design of everything offered by this brand has captivated owners across the nation. 

You’ll be amazed with the performance and the extensive features that will accompany the Wink system.

If budget is not your main concern and you can afford to invest a bit into a better lifestyle, then choosing the Wemo plug is not the right choice. 

Everything will boil down to the budget in one way or the other. If you’re on the tighter end of the budget, Wemo is the way to go.

It is simply better when you’re talking about value for money. You’ll get a simple setup, a decent enough design, and amazing dealer support.


All of this utility from Wemo plug will still maintain a cheap price point. It is the ideal starting point for most enthusiasts.

There is no need to spend hundreds of dollars or an extensive budget on the upgrade. 

Instead, you can stick with a more reasonable budget and cheaper option. Hopefully, you will not feel the need to switch out to any other plug or accessory that way.

Similarly, Wink hub is beyond phenomenal  with its amazing connectivity and increased control.

You’ll be able to personalize the smart hub in any way that you’d like. There is no need to concern yourself with the minor errors (as long as you set up the hub correctly). 

Setting up the Wink hub will be challenging. But after you’ve overcome the first bump, everything else is simple. Small problems, bugs, or connection concerns are not worth worrying over.

The cost of this hub is the sole factor that has to be taken into consideration. Therefore, boost your spending limit and give great thought to how you’ll pay for these particular goods.


The first-generation Wink hub costs around $70. Let’s look at what’s new in version 2.0 if you’re thinking about buying your first wink hub or upgrading from a wink.

wink smart

The gen two winks are about a quarter of an inch shorter, going from 1.75 inches to 1.25 inches. The rest of the measurements, though, are the same. On the gen one wink, the activity light is on the front, but on the gen two winks, this has been changed.

The main design goal is to make it look like a bookshelf. Generation two winks have better Wi-Fi but don’t add any new features outside the 5 GHz band.

I don’t understand what the phrase “more powerful” means. 

They put in an Ethernet connector, which isn’t necessary for the connection but could improve its reliability and response time and make updates happen faster.

This is good because Wink and other hubs have trouble connecting when they are too close to Wi-Fi routers.

Most of the time, you should keep your smart hub at least 5 feet from your Wi-Fi network to make sure it works.

They also added a low-energy Bluetooth radio so that it can work with more devices. RAM has been increased from 64 megabytes to 512 megabytes so that it can process commands faster.

A new feature called “improved local control” has also been added to the gen.

If your Internet goes down, I hope that your robots and schedules will still work as long as your Wi-Fi does, so that they can be accessed even if your servers and the cloud go down.

The connection side of things is what makes this system phenomenal. You will no longer have to worry about those annoying interferences or communication problems.

So, instead of complicating the situation for yourself, you should think of spending more budget on this option. 

Wink hub is amazing, it will provide you with more features, the design is amazing, and the only bad thing is the price point.

If you can tackle this issue with the price point and affordability is not that serious of a problem, then we will always point you towards the Wink system.


Wemo is an easy-to-use solution for making your home more intelligent. There is no requirement for a hub or a membership when using the Wemo Wi-Fi Smart Plug because it can be used to turn lights and other electronic devices on and off remotely.

In addition to being compatible with Google Home and Amazon Alexa, the Wemo Smart Plug offers a wide variety of opportunities for scheduling and automation.

Both the Wemo Switch and the Wemo Mini are compatible with one another. You can command the lights in your home using the wall, the Wemo app on your smartphone, or even just your voice if you have the Wemo Smart Light Switch.

You won’t need a subscription or a hub to use this WiFi-enabled intelligent light switch, which allows you to manage the lights in your home wirelessly.

wemo smart

The Wemo Light Switch can control a variety of different light sources, including recessed lighting, ceiling fans, and porch lights, among other things.

Now, it doesn’t matter where you are—whether you’re lounging on the couch, working at a coffee shop, or vacationing in the Caribbean—you can control the lights wherever you are.

Alexa enables users to control her with their voices (Alexa device sold separately) the process of automating your house is made much easier by using Wemo.

When you connect to a Wemo Switch and download the free Wemo app to your smartphone, you can control the lights and appliances in your home from virtually any location on the globe.

The utility here is on par with the Wink system. However, the customization and the reliability is not there.

You might run into a few errors like the connection dropping or the accessories not responding. All of these errors are annoying and frustrating. 

You will be constantly annoyed by all the quick fixes or the troubleshooting methods you have to try to get the Wemo system working perfectly. So, keep track of these errors, and you will be sorted out in no time.

The Takeaway

Wink hub is fantastic! The price is considerable, but it may be justified by the enhanced performance and features.

This hub will require extra time to set up. However, once you’ve finished configuring the system, the ease of the Wink system will rise.

Wemo plugs and accessories, on the other hand, are not awful either. Consider this brand to be a more affordable alternative.

This brand’s cost and value are both reasonable. The lower price does not imply that you will receive a subpar system.

Instead, the reduced cost means that you will get more for your money. The Wemo smart system’s disadvantage is that it lacks a number of features that the Wink smart system offers.

Therefore, you will need to boost your budget if you realize that you cannot live without the smart capabilities of the Wink hub.

Not to mention, it’s essential that you get the system from a reputable seller. It makes no sense to buy equipment that isn’t protected by a warranty.

Only your money is at jeopardy, and there is a high likelihood that the equipment will come faulty or defective.

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