4 Ways To Fix WeMo App Crashes During Setup

Wemo App Crashes During Setup
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Wemo App Crashes During Setup

Wemo app is the right application that you can use for seamless optimization across all the Wemo devices. The thing is that since it is developed by Wemo, you cannot find a better way to control those appliances and devices. Despite the factor that it is simply the right app for better optimization and control, the interface is also pretty great and user-friendly. It works out fine most of the time, but if your app is crashing during the setup, here are a few things that you need to do.

How To Fix WeMo App Crashes During Setup?

1. Restart the Smartphone

Luckily for you, the issue is not hardware and if the app is crashing down, it is something wrong with the software. The first thing that you should try in such cases is to clear out all the applications that might be running in the background to ensure that the hardware resources are not overloaded and they might be causing the application to be crashed. So, once you have cleared out all the applications in the background, you should be running a power cycle on your device. This is going to clear out the RAM memory, cache, and processing power, and the app should be working fine without any problems and crashing.

2. Restart the Device

There is also a thin possibility that the crash might be caused due to some issue on the device that you are trying to set up and it might not be able to connect with the smartphone in the right manner. So, give it a try once and restart the device that you are looking to connect as well. This will fix up the problem for you and your app will not be crashing again.

3. Free up memory

If you are running an Android device, you should know that each application downloads some temporary files for running. If the ROM memory on your smartphone is filled up, your WeMo app will not be able to work properly and will crash upon startup. So, make sure that you clear out enough memory for the application to be working correctly. You can delete some old data that you might not be needing or uninstall some applications and that will solve the problem for you. After you have cleared out enough memory, it would be better if you restart the phone once to be sure and that is how you can solve the problem for good.

4. Reinstall the application

If you are unable to make anything work and you have tried all of the troubleshooting steps listed above, you need to try the last thing and this is surely going to work for you. Uninstall the application from your phone and then restart it once. Afterward, you will need to download the latest version of the application from your relevant app store. This will clear out all the issues that you might be facing with your WeMo app crashing and you will also be downloading the latest version of the application on your phone.

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