4 Reasons Why Is Lumiman Lightbulb Blinking

why is lumiman lightbulb blinking
why is lumiman lightbulb blinking

Lumiman smart bulbs are one of the most power-efficient bulbs you can buy. They’re quite affordable and easy to set up. You can also configure them with Alexa to control them using voice commands. You can add different themes using the mobile app. Overall it is a great product that you should buy for your home.

Even the most durable products can sometimes run into errors. Many users have been complaining about their Lumiman Bulb blinking constantly. Here are some ways you can fix this problem.

Why Is Lumiman Lightbulb Blinking?

  1. Pairing Mode

If you have just bought the bulb and after you plugged it in, the bulb started blinking then it is likely that the bulb is in pairing mode. There is nothing wrong with your device, once you’re done pairing the blinking will stop and you’ll be able to control the bulb using the mobile app. So, just open up your mobile phone and pair it with the PlusMinus app.

  1. Check Outlet

If you are sure that the bulb is not in pairing mode but you still can’t get the flickering to stop then we recommend that you check the power outlet. Most often than not rapid blinking or flickering issues are related to a faulty wiring system or a faulty outlet. Plugin another home appliance or try using the bulb with another outlet to check if that fixes the problem for you.

Another thing you have to keep in mind that if your voltage is unstable then your bulb will likely flicker rapidly. So, get yourself a multimeter and match the reading with the recommended voltage mentioned in the user manual.

  1. Dimmer Switch

Sometimes a dimmer switch can cause your smart bulb to behave like this which is why it is recommended to always use outlets that do not have a dimmer switch installed in them. To sort out this issue either put the slider on max output on the dimmer switch or simply remove the dimmer entirely from the outlet and that should solve your specific issue.

  1. Reset the Bulb

Many users have mentioned that resetting the bulb sorted out this issue for them. So just turn your smart bulb on and off around 5 times consecutively. Make sure that you don’t wait too long between switching the bulb on and off or the reset process won’t work. If you see the light bulb blinking at the end then that means the reset was successful and all you have to do is pair your mobile phone. But if the bulb is not blinking then you have to repeat this process.

If none of these fixes work for you then it is likely that you’re facing a unique error. We recommend that you ask customer support for assistance regarding this issue. Just send them an email explaining your issue in detail and wait for their response. It can take anywhere from a day up to a week to receive a response so be patient.

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