3 Common Wyze Bulb Problems Troubleshooting

common Wyze Bulb problems troubleshooting
common Wyze Bulb problems troubleshooting

Smart bulbs can save you a lot of money in the form of a power bill, they are energy-efficient and won’t be as heavy on your circuits as your regular bulbs. So, a few extra bucks that you’ll be spending on buying the smart bulbs will pay off in the long run.

Wyze is one of the most reliable brands when it comes to smart bulbs, But users can still run into some issues from time to time. Luckily, most of these issues are minor bugs that can easily be resolved. Let us go over some common Wyze Bulb problems and how you can troubleshoot them.

Common Wyze Bulb Problems Troubleshooting

  1. Bulb Keeps Disconnecting

One of the most common problems that users have reported is that their Wyze Bulb keeps disconnecting and does not allow them to control the smart device using the mobile app. Most often than not it is due to issues with your home network and not your device. Here are some fixes you can follow to sort out this problem.

The most probable cause for this error is poor signal strength from your router. It is quite common for users to install the smart bulb farther away from the router after initial configuration. To fix this issue simply move the router back within the effective range of your smart bulb and give it a quick restart.

If that does not fix the problem then we recommend that you reset the smart bulb and configure it again with your home network. To do so, simply turn the bulb on\off 3 to 5 times until you notice the light flashing inside the bulb. After that just pair the smart bulb with your mobile app and connect it with your home network.

  1. Bulb is Flashing

Another problem that users run into frequently is that their Wyze bulb won’t turn on or start flashing after they’re done installing it. There are a lot of probable causes for this error, like a faulty socket or installation errors.

First of all, you need to make sure that the bulb is drawing power from the circuit. Make sure there is no dirt trapped in between the contact points of the socket and the bulb, but remember to turn off the power switch before you attempt to check the socket. Use a multimeter to check the voltage output from the outlet to see if it matches the recommended amount. After that just install the bulb again by following the instructions mentioned on the user manual step by step.

Sometimes, a dimmer can cause your smart bulb to behave like this. This is why most companies recommend installing your smart device in an outlet that does not have a dimmer switch. So, if you were using a dimmer switch you can either put it on max output and then calibrate brightness from the mobile app or simply try using another outlet and your issue will most probably be fixed.

  1. Wyze App Not Working

Several customers have reported that they are unable to control their smart bulbs using the Wyze app. This issue can be quite annoying as the whole idea behind buying a smart bulb was to have the ability to access it remotely. If you have made sure that there is no problem with your connection but your app is still behaving like this, then here are some fixes you can follow.

The first thing that you can try is updating the firmware using the Wyze app. Just go into settings and check for updates. After that just follow the prompts on the screen to update your firmware. If that does not work then what you can do is pair your smart bulb with your mobile app again. First, we recommend that you remove the bulb from the app and then reinstall the mobile app. After that log into your Wyze account and pair the bulb again.

If none of these issues are working for you then it is likely that you’re facing a unique problem, in which case we recommend that you contact Wyze customer support and ask for their assistance. All you have to do is help them pinpoint the exact problem and they will guide you step by step on how you can resolve it.

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