6 Ways To Fix The Troubleshooting of Schlage Programming Code Not Working

Schlage programming code not working
Schlage programming code not working

Schlage is an American security hardware-making company founded by a man named Walter Schlage in the year 1920. For the past 100 years, the company has been making high-quality security keys and cylinder lines.

To cope with the new age of smart home devices and home automation ecosystems, the Schlage company decided to release their very own smart home device called the Schlage Smart Deadbolt.

Schlage Smart Deadbolt is a z-wave plus operating device. Meaning any home automation hub that works on a z-wave mesh can incorporate the Schlage Smart Deadbolt into its ecosystem.

Its hardware consists of a back panel that holds all the essential components, a high-quality deadbolt, and a front panel with a programmable security keypad.

Even though its compatibility with Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings, etc., makes it a lot more intelligent, it doesn’t mean the device will automatically become bug-free. One of the most common Schlage Smart Deadbolt bugs is the ‘programming code is not working.

Fixing Schlage Programming Code Not Working

If you’re one of those people who have tried their programming codes only to see a bright red X, then fear not because we will tell you how to troubleshoot your Schlage Smart Deadbolt. Follow our instructions to fix the programming code not working bug.

  1. Recheck Programming Code

programming code

Before trying to reset the device or calling customer care, you should go over the programming codes one more time. There is a good chance that you’re not entering the correct code in the lock.

So, you should slow down the input and carefully input each number. Nine times out of ten, your problem with the code not working will be fixed right here. Hopefully, you won’t have to waste any more of your time on the programming code.

  1. Reconnect Batteries


If you’re absolutely positive that the code is correct and the lock still won’t respond, then you need to refresh the battery connections. The batteries are either drained out or not installed properly.

According to the majority of experts, these bugs stem from insufficient power flow to the unit. So, you need to fix the power connections to the device. Your main focus should be on limiting the power-related issues here.

If the purchase of this Schlage unit was recent, then you need to simply remove the battery and insert it one more time. Make sure that the battery connections are in good shape and that the alignment is optimal.

You can open up the top panel cover to access the battery. If you’re working with an older model, try going through the manual for more details on how to remove the battery. 

  1. Check For Unit Damage

While Schlage units are the most durable options on the market, hardware issues are still possible. This is especially true if the installation conditions were a bit harsh. So, you need to check the buttons for damage.

There is a good chance that one of the buttons is not registering input as you’re trying to enter the programming code. Sadly, there is not much that can be done if the button is indeed broken.

Moreover, if the buttons are in perfect condition, just use a Q-tip to clean around the button. This will loosen up some dirt, and you can directly free up the button for a better response.

On the other hand, if the button is in too rough of a shape, then call the experts from the dealer support. He will better guide you on how to claim the warranty. If the unit got damaged during delivery, it wouldn’t be that hard to get a new piece.

  1. It Might Be Time To Test Out A New Battery

pair of batteries

The battery might also be defective if you’ve been using the lock for a few years. There is no debate that the lifespan of a Schlage lock battery is pretty extensive. However, some of the newer models bring a weaker battery to your system.

The only fix for the weaker batteries is to get them replaced as soon as the input issues present themselves. You might not be that thrilled about spending more money on the battery, but there aren’t many other options left here.

The new battery won’t only help with these programming-related issues, but you will also enjoy improved responsiveness from the device. All you have to do is to remove the old one and install a replacement.

  1. Factory Reset

reset device

Performing a factory reset will delete all codes from your Schlage Smart Deadbolt. Your codes will reset to default Schlage Smart Deadbolt codes.

Before attempting a reset, make sure to delete the lock from your home automation hub’s application and re-pair your Schlage Smart Deadbolt after the reset. Follow these steps to perform a successful reset of your keyless lock.

  • Make sure that the smart lock’s latch is retracted.
  • Remove the decorative plastic covering from the back panel.
  • Disconnect the batteries from your Schlage Smart Deadbolt.
  • Now, press and hold the main SCHLAGE button to discharge any residual electricity from your smart lock. Keep repeating this process until there’s no electricity present within your Schlage Smart Deadbolt.
  • Press and hold the SCHLAGE button, and reconnect the batteries to your smart lock without moving your finger off the SCHLAGE button. Keep the pressure until you observe three check marks appear on the front panel.
  • Release the SCHLAGE button and reinsert the plastic cover back into its place.
  • To complete the resetting process, input the default programming code. The default codes are written on the instruction manual and the inside of your Schlage Smart Deadbolt’s back panel.
  1. Customer support


Schlage company’s customer support is extremely user-friendly. A factory reset not solving the problem would mean the smart lock is a defective product.  The company will send a technician to check your smart lock. If your smart lock turns out to be a defective product, the company will replace you with a new one.

For any other technical issues, it’s best to call the Schlage company customer service. They will always provide you with a solution to fix your Smart Lock-related issues.

Are Schlage Locks Really Reliable?

schlage logo

After going through this list, you might be questioning the integrity of the Schlage locks. You’ll be relieved to know that Schlage is the market leader in the smart lock market. These locks are not only reliable but bring the most innovative features to your fingertips.

So, yes! Schlage locks are pretty reliable. These issues are not that common, and there are bound to be some complaints when a brand has millions of customers. This brand covers many territories and is regarded as the best even by critics.

For this reason, you don’t have to worry about your purchase. You made a smart decision, and going through the basic methods mentioned in this article will get your unit back in perfect shape.

Is There A Limit On Resetting Programming Codes?

Once the programming code starts to work, you can simply switch to a different code to refresh lock security settings. There is no limit on how many times you can reset this code. So, as long as you can remember these frequent updates, changing the code shouldn’t be an issue.

When you have to frequently update the programming code, it is a good idea to keep personal notes on the mobile phone. These notes will come in pretty handy one day, and you won’t have to bother with the reset.

Similarly, if you share the lock programming codes with other users, it is a good idea to ask others for updates. They might have changed the programming code, and you might be using the wrong code.

Ideally, it is a good idea to stick with a single programming code and avoid sharing that with other people. However, if you do wish to change it every week, there are no limits on the number of times you can update this code.

Wrapping Up

The issues with the Schlage programming codes are usually not that serious. You might just have missed a button or two while entering the code. So, before you blame the lock, check the input registration one more time.

If a button is defective or the batteries are drained, you need to get fresh replacements immediately. On the other hand, you can proceed with the factory reset routine to address all of the programming bugs.

Moreover, the Schlage dealer support is pretty responsive and will help you through these errors. You can choose to reach out to these professionals when you’re trying to save a bit of your time.

They will make it effortless for you to isolate and address minor programming bugs. So, contact these progressions directly through the company number. The customer care expert will guide you through the rest.

9 thoughts on “6 Ways To Fix The Troubleshooting of Schlage Programming Code Not Working”

  1. Schlage really needs to fix this issue otherwise for the short term rental market it’s not appropriate. We have a rental in another time zone. If I cannot enter and delete codes on the app the lock is useless. I need to have my property manager step in and physically reset the lock. Schlage customer service is hit or miss and requires you to sit on the phone for an hour before connecting. If you email they regurgitate the info I can find on line and they do not address the question specifically as per the email. The lock may be good but the customer support is not and unfortunately the without timely customer support I would not suggest this lock to the anyone in the short term rental market.

  2. I have a Schlage Encode on a short-term rental apartment and after entering half a dozen or so codes (which I must do every month), the app stops allowing me to add or delete codes. Resetting the lock fixes the problem, but only for another month. I have to re-add the lock to my phone app and my co-host’s phone app, reset all the codes, etc., every time I do this. What a pain. I have called customer support. What this post says, “For any other technical issues, it’s best to call the Schlage company customer service. They will always provide you with a solution to fix your Smart Lock related issues.” is nonsense. They have no clue how to fix this issue. If anyone out there has advice, please let me know. I will never buy a lock from Schlage again if there is software involved.

  3. The bright red light turns on with a beep on mine and I am not able enter any code. Called customer support and they were not that helpful. I do not recommend but the Schlage Encode lock 🙁

  4. I’m having the same issue. We just bought a two-year-old house with this lock. I can’t reset it, so it still has the old owner’s info in it. I called Schlage, and after a half hour of trying to reset, she told me to go buy a new lock.

  5. New Schlage Encode factory installed programming code does not work. At the 5th number, the red x on the left lower lock flashes, indicating to me error, That prevents the 6th number and programming mode. I was able to enter at least one user number via Alexa/Amazon system, but only one.


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