6 Common Problems With Keypad Door Locks

problems with keypad door locks
problems with keypad door locks

There has been a massive increase in the use of keypad locks after brands like Schlage and Kwikset have extended their portfolio with affordable options for new users. The integration of these smart locks with mobile devices as well as the existing smart ecosystem presents a comprehensive value to the users. These units are just perfect for users trying to maximize home security through smart integrations.

While these locks are quite reliable the majority of times, it is not that rare to see customers complaining about performance issues every now and then. The following list of problems with keypad door locks should give you a complete perspective on the viability of these products.

Problems With Keypad Door Locks

  1. Battery Issues

Almost ninety percent of the issues with the keypad locks can be linked-to batteries in one way or another. You will struggle to keep up with the power requirements of the lock if you’re not keeping track of the replacement cycle. So, if the lock suddenly becomes unresponsive and you’re not getting the desired performance, just replace the batteries.

Make sure to check the combability of the batteries before spending your money. It is very common for players to complain about power issues after installing the wrong battery in their keypad lock. So, refer to the manual if you’re unsure about the right battery for your lock.

  1. Weather Problems

Owners living in colder regions often complain about functionality issues with keypad locks. While most units are designed to work in extreme conditions, sometimes low level of batteries in the unit can lead to these performance issues.

So, if you’re struggling to get the lock to work after a cold wave, installing new batteries is your best solution. Even if you changed the battery a few weeks ago, relying on a fresh pair of batteries should keep the lock powered up even in the coldest environments.

  1. Difficult Installation

Installation issues with the lock are pretty common, where users will complain about the lock not engaging after installation. This is often caused by poor alignment and is very common for users that have never installed a lock before. So, if you’re also not that experienced, hiring a general contractor should help you through this issue.

You can also test your luck again by fixing the alignment of the lock and then trying to engage it again. Hopefully, this time around, the lock will close without any issues.

  1. Complex Configurations

The configurations on the keypad locks are also somewhat complex and differ from unit to unit. So, you will often run into programming issues with the lock not taking any commands from the new users.

The best solution for this condition with the keypad door locks is resetting the unit. Ideally, resetting the door lock once should eliminate all the minor programming issues, and you can add the configurations again for best performance.

  1. Improper Calibration

Sometimes owners will also report issues with the Keypad lock not opening or closing all the way. Even though you’re using the right pass to get through the lock, it won’t work properly, and the lock will remain engaged. This issue with the keypad lock points towards faulty configurations, and the best thing you can do is go through the calibrations again.

Quickly celebrating the lock will help you specify both extremes of lock engagement, and you won’t’ have to deal with a half-open or half-closed lock again. So, follow the instructions on the manual and go through the calibration of your keypad lock.

  1. Jammed Lock

While these issues are not limited to keypad locks, they are more common for these units. Most of the time, users will be dealing with a defective motor, and the issue will persist in the device until the motor is fixed. You can call the dealer to claim a warranty if the motor is defective, but some users were able to fix this issue after replacing the wiring in their unit.

The majority of issues with the keypad door locks can be traced back to faults in the batteries or the installation of the lock. So, you can easily isolate these problems by going through the instruction in the manual and replacing the dead batteries in your lock.

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