4 Methods To Fix Schlage Connect Troubleshooting

Schlage Connect Troubleshooting
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Schlage Connect Troubleshooting

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt is a smart lock that also contains the advanced features, along with the improved security of Z-Wave Plus. It’s even easier and simpler to connect the device with your smart home automation system. This enables you to do plenty more with your smart lock.

For instance, you can use your voice to control the locks. The smart lock can also be modified through your phone. The Schlage Connect Deadbolt has allowed users to be a lot more flexible with their locks. The things which weren’t possible with a smart deadlock can now be easily done. All thanks to this product.

Schlage Connect Troubleshooting

Using a smart lock can be very convenient thanks to all of its features. However, there is a catch for using such a device. When using a smart lock, users can run into all kinds of troubles. Facing bugs and glitches are one of the most common things when using this device.

This is why in today’s article; we will be exploring all the ways on how you can troubleshoot Schlage Connect. All of the ways you can successfully troubleshoot your Schlage Connect Deadbolt are mentioned right below:

  1. Factory Resetting Your Device

Factory resetting a device can be a very effective way of fixing quite a few issues. To successfully reset the device, follow these steps:

  • First of all, disconnect the batteries
  • Hold the Schlage button located outside the device
  • Reconnect the batteries to the while holding the button on your Schlage Connect
  • After you’ve reconnected the batteries, release your button
  • The lock should do a setup routine if you have successfully reset your device

  1. Connect To Z-Wave Network
  • While navigating to the Hubitat interface home page, click on Z-Wave. Now start your Z-Wave pairing on the device’s discovery page
  • Simply press on the Schlage button
  • You will now be asked to enter your 6 digit programming code
  • Press 0
  • If you see a root sign, then that means you have joined the Z-Wave network. On the other hand, an X sign means you haven’t joined the network
  1. Verifying Your Z-Wave Connection Status from Lock
  • Start by removing your battery cover
  • Now, disconnect the battery connector
  • While you are watching the inside Schlage button, reconnect the battery connector
  • The Schlage button should blink if the lock has enrolled
  1. Excluding Your Lock From Z-Wave Network
  • Go to the device’s detail page and click on Remove Device. Now, select Remove
  • From Hubitat’s Web Interface home page, and select Z-Wave. Now click on Start Z-Wave Exclusion on your Device Discovery page
  • Click on the Schlage Button
  • You will now need to enter your 6-digit programming code
  • Press on 0
  • A root sign will mean that the lock was excluded from the Z-Wave network. On the other hand, an X should mean that the network was not excluded
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