5 Methods To Fix Schlage Connect Issue (Troubleshooting)

Schlage Connect Troubleshooting

Schlage is one of the most coveted and trusted brands in the home security industry, coming up with many innovative door locks, entry doorknobs, and hardware for doors.

When the company started back in 1920 by Walter Schlage, its mission was to play a part in the evolution of door hardware. A century later, they have achieved their mission.

Schlage smart locks are some of the most secure, innovative, and diverse sets of smart locks in the market.

Their product catalog also features deadbolts, levers, knobs, electronic locks, handle sets, and many other door-related hardware and accessories.

There are many ways that Schlage locks stand out from their competitors. Even though they have such as large range of products, each and every one of them has been perfected with great attention to detail.

Apart from the basic residential locks, Schlage also has some proper heavy-duty and high-security locks as well. Locks are made to prevent two types of break-ins—forced entry and non-forced entry.

The forced entry method includes using brute force to break a lock such as drilling or using a tool to pry the door open. Non-forced entry is more subtle.

It includes manipulating the way door locks work using non-destructive ways. Schlage locks provide satisfactory protection from both these methods.

What is Schlage Connect?

A classic smart lock by Schlage, their Schlage Connect smart lock comes with a universal deadbolt that fits 2-⅜ inches.

You can fit it easily on your existing standard doors that have been pre-drilled for traditional locks, and instantly upgrade the security of your home.

With the Z-wave compatibility with the device, you can control your smart lock remotely as well. You can activate the auto-throw deadbolt from the outside with the press of a button.

For further sealing of security, once you are inside, Schlage connects smart lock automatically retracts the deadbolt from outside once you have correctly entered the access code and get inside.

In case you lost access to the code, Schlage Connect comes with an exclusive key that you can use to unlock.

Schlage Connect is as secure as it can be, offering a complete set of security features including built-in alarms that will alert you to any potential security threats that you may have.

You also do not need any additional wiring for this product. It can be easily installed to your existing lock drilling. Just a Phillips screwdriver and you will be done with the installation within minutes.

Another uniquely innovative feature of Schlage is its universal latches that slide easily into place. They also do not need any tools for installation or to do manual adjustments.

The finish of the product is quite sleek, adding an instant modern touch to your new smart home. The durability of the product is also quite admirable.

The application of this product is aimed at residential single-family doors. It will perform at its best functionality if you apply it to the recommended setting.

If your security needs are higher, or you require higher security levels, there are a variety of options you can choose from their smart lock catalog.

The smart lock has a 30 code capacity and comes with a unique 6-digital programming code and two pre-set 4-digit access codes.

It does not matter what smart home system you are using, Schlage smart locks work with all the major smart home hubs such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Ring, Wink, and Smart Things.

Schlage Connect Troubleshooting

Just like any other electrical device, Schlage Connect may sometimes give you trouble, mostly due to connectivity issues.

This article covers several problems that you may encounter while using Schlage connect, and how to successfully troubleshoot them.

Before we move on to a few specific problems, here are some important indicator icons and lights that will help you understand what goes on with your Schlage Connect smart lock.

  • Green checkmark: You have entered the correct access code
  • Solid red X light: You have entered an incorrect access code
  • Flashing red X light: Your battery is critically low
  • Flashing yellow dot: Your battery is low
  • Flashing Schlage button: Your battery is low

Problem 1: My Device does not respond to remote commands

An easy troubleshooting tip when your smart lock is not responding to your remote command is to check if the Z-wave connection is working well.

Z-wave is a common network method in smart home systems or networks with all the devices are in close proximity. Z-wave networks use a low-energy radio wave to connect the devices together and communicate with one another.

It is one of the easiest, secure, and reliable ways you can create home networks. However, there are times that a device can detach itself from the main z-wave network due to battery or other issues. Here is how you fix it.

  • Remove the battery cover of your device
  • Disconnect the battery connector
  • Carefully reconnect the battery connector while overserving the Schlage button inside.
  • If the lock is properly connected and enrolled in the Z-wave connection, you will see the button blinking.

Problem 2: I cannot add a new User Code to the device

There are two ways this could happen. If you are seeing a yellow dot flashing when trying to add a new User Code, it means that you have not pressed 1 after entering your programming code.

It is an easy mistake that you can fix immediately. If you are seeing 2 beeps and 2 red error X lights, it often means that you have already added the maxium amount of user codes which is 30.

If that is the case, you have to delete one of the user codes to add another one. This error also happens if you are trying to add an existing user code to the system by a mistake.

First 4 to 6 digits of your new code should not match your exixsting Programming Code for security reasons. Moreover, when setting up a new user code, you have to enter it twice to confirm.

If your second entry does not match the first, you will get an error. Make sure you add the same code twice before it is successfully confirmed and added to the system.

Problem 3: The backlighting of the device does not come on when I press the button

This happens when the batteries of your smart lock are completely dead. The device gives you warnings well in advance, so you should have enough time to replace the batteries befroe this problem occurs.

Your device require good battery power for all the electronic operations to happen. If you have recently replaced the batteries and this problem still occurs, it is likely that your battery tray is not properly connected.

Recheck and fasten them properly. It is also likely that the cable that runs through your door has a connecting issues. Carefully remove the Alarm Asembly and see if the cable is connected correctly.

Problem 4: The bolt of my Smart Connect device has stopped working

One of the most common ways this problem happens is when your bolt becomes soiled or dirty. It has to have a clean surface to work well. Use a soft cloth soaked with warm water and a mild detergent to clean the bolt.

It is also possible that the strike of the device has become worn out. You can flip the strike over for a continued smoother operation.

Problem 5: I forgot my Programming Code

The programming code is a 6-digit code that is in the back of your lock. You can use this to add new users and do many other functions to the code.

You need to change your programming code once you install your smart lock for security reasons. While you can add up to 30 different User Codes to the device, the Programming Code should be kept secured.

If you have forgotten your programming code, you need to do a factory reset to restore the lock to its factory settings.

Since this deletes all your entries, make sure you have the programming code noted somewhere secure so if you forget it, you have access to it.

How to do a Factory Reset

If none of your troubleshooting methods work, doing a full factory reset should get the device running properly if there are no physical damage or connectivity issues.

A factory reset is also needed when you are moving the lock to a different door, or if you have forgotten your programming code. This procedure will restore your device to its default codes.

Before you begin the factory reset, make sure you locate the default Programming and User Codes in the back of the device. A factory reset will remove all the User Codes you have entered, and the Programming Code you have set up.

  • Start by disconnecting your batteries.
  • Press and hold the Schlage button outside, and while you are holding them, reconnect your batteries.
  • Once the batteries are properly in place, release the Outside Schlage Button.

You can check if the lock was reset by pressing the main outside button and entering the default user codes to see if they work.

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  1. We absolutely love our keypad lock. However, about a month ago we started seeing a solid red light. We have changed the batteries twice and the app says battery is critically low even with new batteries. Can’t afford to replace it since the price has gone up.

  2. The batteries have started only lasting about 4 days and then I have to replace them. It is getting fairly expensive to have to keep replacing them. Any ideas on what is happening to cause this? I am using Eveready or Duracell.

    • Make sure the battery pack is inserted the correct direction. The exposed batteries should face the back plate of the lock with the connection to the battery pack on the LEFT-hand side of the lock. We were having the same issue with one out of three locks and I noticed the battery pack on that one was turned the wrong direction with connection to the battery pack on the right. According to photos of the lock, it always shows the battery pack with connection on the left, which means exposed batteries are facing the back plate. For now, this seems to have resolved the issue.

  3. My lock when putting in the programming code, will not activate Z Wave. All I get is a red X. We did purchase the house recently and the previous owners did use the Z Wave. How can I get this working for me? I have factory reset the locks (2) multiple times and hasn’t changed anything. Thanks

  4. The lock does not lock when touching “Schlage” on the keypad. It locks automatically, if I enter the code, or through Alexa.

  5. Installed Schlage Connett BE 469 ZP in August 2021, so new. When enter code, get 2 green lights and then a grinding noise. Changed the batteries. Twisted to make sure in place. Put a different set of batteries in. Nothing. Then, did Factory reset by disconnecting the battery, pressing Sclage button, release, then simultaniously pressing the button and connecting the battery pack again. Same result. Two green check marks and grinding. HELP!

  6. Carefully reconnect the battery connector while overserving the Schlage button inside. From problem 1….what does “overserving” mean? My deadbolt keeps falling off the z-wave network and want to try this fix.

  7. Our Schlage Camelot connect locks on it own, constantly shows “unconnectable” on app, delayed notifications (so far 2 hour delays), cannot add or delete access codes (only have 8 listed). I’ll unlock thru app and it’ll lock after a min or less. I’ve removed batteries, replaced and restarted phone and no resolve. Batteries are at 90%.

  8. Ditto. Front panel seems dead, doesn’t light up or activate the lock. Batteries swapped. Battery tray and connections checked. Factory reset attempted several times.

  9. I have zero response from my keypad. I replaced batteries and tried to reset keypad with no success. I have no lights when schlage button is pushed.


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