Troubleshooting: 5 Methods To Resolve Skybell Stream Could Not Be Established

Skybell Stream Could Not Be Established

Skybell is a smart video doorbell with many handy security features for your smart home. It not only helps you see the visitors who are at your door but also allows you to hear and speak to them even when you are not at home.

The slogan of the product specifies that a well-connected smart home starts at the front door. This handy little product makes for a great entry to making your home a smart home.

The compact design of Skybell easily replaces most wall-mounted traditional doorbells. It is weatherproof and is resistant to tampering.

The HD video functionality and the ability to be connected to your home even regardless of you are home or no makes Skybell a set of eyes to your smart home.

What is Skybell?

This smart video doorbell provides protection and security by deterring intruders from breaking into your home.

In case of an attempt to breach the security of your home, Skybell captures good quality photos and videos that you can show law enforcement to catch criminals.

HD video is perhaps the most coveted feature in Skybell. It lets you see anyone that is close by with up to 1080 HD clarity and 5x zoom. It has a motion sensor that provides additional security for you.

A visitor that comes to your front door or the place where you have installed Skybell does not have to press the button for you to get an alert.

The Skybell app is simple and easy to use, allowing you to monitor your door at any time by starting a living video.

It also has a record functionality that lets you download any video that it records, letting you watch it at any time you wish.

Being able to add multiple users is another attractive feature of this device. This way, you can set several members of your family to get an alert from the Skybell so whoever is available can come and answer the door.

Once you get the alert from the device, you can have a full conversation with your visitor thanks to the 2-way audio.

In case you were away the entire day without getting a chance to monitor your feed, Skybell has an activity history log that allows you to review any visitors who may have come while you are away.

This also includes any motion alerts with visitors who do not know and video calls that may have been attempted through the device which you have missed.

How to Install a Skybell

There are many video guides that will take you through the installation process of a Skybell. Let us quickly take you through the basics.

The product kit that will come with the device will also have a set of instructions for you to install the device. Your first step is to remove the existing doorbell. Take all the wires out and separate them from each other.

You do not need the wires to touch and activate your door chime during the installation process. Determine where the screws will be placed.

You can use the mounting plate as a guide for this. If the screw holes of the previous doorbell match with the new Skybell, you can skip this step.

Use a power drill to make the holes. The drill bit is included in your product kit. If you are setting up the doorbell on a wood surface, use a screwdriver to make the holes.

There are screw anchors included in the kit to provide a snug fit for the screws. Place the device on the mounting plate carefully. Your holes should be lined up with the mounting plate, with the screws facing forward.

Put the wires through the center. This is where you should be particularly careful not to touch two wires together. Install the mounting plate in place using the screws included.

The ends of the wires should have enough space to pass from underneath. Remember that when you are screwing the device to the plate.

Insert wires under each screw and tighten well. If there is any excess wiring, you can tuck them in. Get the Skybell HD and find the lip on the top of the plate.

The top of the Skybell should be attached to the lip first. Snap the bottom into place. Hold it in place until you see the LED bulb illuminating. If it does not, it means you have not properly completed the steps.

Skybell Stream Could Not Be Established

Skybell is known to be a highly effective device without many operational issues. However, there are several common issues that can arise when using it, as in any electrical device.

Here are the best ways to troubleshoot those situations. You can also get the help of the Skybell customer service team if any of the following solutions do not work.

Issue 1: The Red LED light does not turn on

skybell red light

If the red LED light does not turn on right after your installation, check and make sure that you turned your power back at the circuit breaker that you turned off before the installation process. A common mistake.

If there is no interruption to power and your blinking indicator still does not work, check if the power supply is compatible with the device.

You need 10-36 VAC 10 VA current to properly charge the device without any damage. If it is different, you may need to replace your transformer.

Issue 2: The normal doorbell chime does not work after installation

Skybell is designed to work seamlessly with your existing doorbell. If you cannot hear your normal doorbell chime when Skybell is used, there are several things that could have happened.

Your first move, of course, is to check if the power supply is intact. Your installation process should be completed in order for the regular chime to work. If you check in the middle of the installation, it would not work.

If the power supply is working well and you have successfully followed all the steps of setting up, check if any of the wires have become loosened or disconnected.

If you are replacing a digital doorbell and not a traditional doorbell, you may need an additional adapter to get it to work well. You can purchase it along with your Skybell.

Issue 3: A humming sound from the doorbell chime

The most common reason for this is that you have replaced a digital doorbell with your Skybell smart doorbell, without using an adapter.

It would make the device struggle to properly connect to the functions of the old adapter. Installing a digital doorbell adapter would solve this issue.

Issue 4: An incessant ringing of the doorbell

Perhaps one of the most annoying issues that can happen with a doorbell, Skybell may start ringing constantly if it does not have a compatible adapter for a previously digital doorbell, or if you try to replace a wireless doorbell.

Skybell HD does not work with other wireless doorbell chimes. If that is the case, you can go for another option in the Skybell catalog.

Issue 5: Skybell does not sync with the app

If your device is not syncing right after the installation, give it about 10 minutes to charge properly and then attempt the syncing process.

If you are using an Android smartphone, try logging out of the app and logging back in to see if the sync works. Skybell requires a steady internet connection to perform its functions.

Your wifi setup should be correct with a 2.4 GHz band, and it should be a B/G network.

If your router is a dual-band one, you need to create a new SSID for the 2.4 GHz network and connect your smartphone to that particular network before attempting to sync your Skybell entries.

Both your smartphone and the smart doorbell should be conected to the same wifi network for it to work.

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