How To Have A Smart Switch For Gas Fireplace?

Smart Switch For Gas Fireplace
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Smart Switch For Gas Fireplace

In modern times, the use of the fireplace has become quite minimal. This does not mean that we simply have no use for a fireplace anymore. Rather, we have found better means of getting heat and to avoid cold weather. For instance, an electric or gas heater can do the same thing efficiently. This is why we have seen a reduction of fireplaces in recent times.

But a gas fireplace is still as useful, or even more so than using other methods of getting heat. A fireplace has staying power and has the ability to adapt to changing times.

Is It Possible to Have A Smart Switch for Fireplace?

If you’re wondering whether you can have a smart switch for your fireplace, and have remote control over your fireplace, then YES! You absolutely can. There are quite a few ways on how you can use a smart switch for the fireplace. Not to mention there are plenty of smart fireplaces already available on the market.

But what if you want to turn your gas fireplace into a smart fireplace? Is it even possible to do so? Well, it depends but for the most part, it’s entirely possible to turn your ordinary gas fireplace into a smart fireplace. Using this article, we will be discovering ways how you can do the same and finally be able to have a smart switch for your gas fireplace.

Smart Switch For Gas Fireplace

When trying to automate a smart switch for your gas fireplace, you might face a problem. This problem arises due to lots of switches requiring a neutral wire to be connected so they get constant power for zwave radios to send and receive signals.

If someone were to wire his switch to a 110volts connected directly to the fireplace, chances are that something will get fried. The solution to this problem is to wire a regular zwave switch with neutral, but make sure it does not directly go to the fireplace. Instead, the connection goes to a 110volt single pole throw relay.

This way, when the relay detects 110volts, it either makes or breaks a circuit but ensures the voltage does not pass along. Now, the working will be exactly like a smart switch but with the added benefit of being smart home automation.

Similarly, there quite a few other options available for making a smart switch for your gas fireplace. For instance, you can have a shelly 1 relay or a Zooz MultiRelay which will help do pretty much the same thing and make sure everything works just fine.

The only other thing you might need is a smart web automation app on your smartphone. Once you have successfully installed the smart switch, and the app on your phone, you will have a fully functional smart switch for your gas fireplace.

This was our guide on how you can have a smart switch for your gas fireplace. For more, make sure to check out our other guides on smart home applications.

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2 thoughts on “How To Have A Smart Switch For Gas Fireplace?”

    • Using a Smart Switch AND a Relay is un-necessarily convoluted, bulky and more costly.
      Definitely look at the “Shelly 1 Relay” as suggested in the article – this is the perfect device for this application –
      Smart Receiver AND Relay all in one compact package and less than $15!
      Very easy to integrate. Will even automate directly with Alexa/Google without requiring a Hub.
      You’re going to connect your AC to the Input side of the Device and the output terminals (same as a relay, so they are completely isolated from the AC) are the ‘switch’ for your Control Valve.

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