9 Things To Do About Roborock Can’t Find Dock

roborock cant find dock
roborock cant find dock

Roborock is an excellent cleaning robot with years of consistent performance if you’re keeping the filters in good condition.

The unit should be serviced every two to three weeks if you want to maintain a good level of cleaning performance.

However, if you’ve missed the maintenance for more than a month, then you can expect a ton of complications related to the performance of Roborock.

It is not the brand of the cleaning robot but rather how you manage the smart device.

How to Fix Roborock Can’t Find Dock?

how to fix

So, instead of focusing more on the unit, try finding a unit that is easy to clean. It will be very convenient for you as long as you can spare a few minutes every week for maintenance.

A common problem that owners often mention about the Roborock is that it can’t find a dock. This is pretty annoying, and you have to manually put the robot in the correct location.

So, here are some solutions that can help fix a Roborock unit that can’t find a dock.

  1. Move Dock

robo dock

Moving the dock to a different location should be your first move when the Roborock can’t find the dock.

There are likely some issues with the current saved location of the dock, and you need to update the dock location by moving the unit.

So, choose a different spot for your dock and then let the cleaning robot update the position of the dock.

This will eliminate the docking issues in the future as long as the sensors are in good shape.

  1. Check Clearance


The dock shouldn’t be placed under a table or between different objects. It requires a fair bit of clearance to function correctly.

So, if the dock is placed under a table or between two sofas, try to move the table away from the dock.

Just make sure that there is a meter of space on either side of the Roborock and that the front end is clear of all obstructions. That should help the robot find the docking station.

  1. Manually Guide Roborock


Sometimes, you will just have to put the cleaning robot on the dock yourself and then use the clean all feature to update the location.

This is one of the more straightforward methods that doesn’t require any change in the location of the bot.

So, pick up the robot and use the cleaning features to update the position of the dock on the saved maps.

  1. No Harm In Power Cycling The Unit

If you’ve yet to fix the issue, you need to focus more on power cycling the device. You will have to remove the power from this device and then power it up after around 20 minutes.

You can follow this method by removing power entirely from the unit by removing the battery.

restart robo

However, you can also test out the system by turning it off with the power button. It all comes down to the current situation with the cleaning robot.

So, just turn off the unit and then engage in the cleaning cycle after 10 minutes or so.

If that doesn’t do the trick, you will have to remove the battery and insert it again. Make sure that there is nothing wrong with the battery connection.

Cleaning up the compartment will help you with improved performance when it comes to the Roborock system.

  1. Try Resetting The Unit

If you’ve yet to fix the issue, make sure to reset the unit back to factory settings. It only takes a moment, and you should think more about wiping all configurations.

This is especially true when the Roborock device is clean, and there are no hardware issues.

The reset routine may vary depending upon the Roborock model you’ve purchased. So, the most consistent method here is to rely on the owner’s manual.

factory reset

That will be enough to guide you through each step of the troubleshooting process.

Once the device has reset, you will have to set up the system one more time. This might sound a bit time-consuming, but you’re not left with many options.

So, just proceed with the reset and then check the response from the Roborock system.

If your device is not defective, you won’t have to worry after the reset. You will still have to clean up the device to avoid complications with the sensor system.

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to think about the same errors.

  1. Clean Sensors

wash sensor

The condition of the sensors has a direct impact on the performance of the Roborock. If you’ve tried all of the methods mentioned, then it is time to check the sensors on your unit.

Ideally, cleaning the sensors should help you maneuver through docking problems. However, if the sensors are defective, then claiming the warranty is the only option left.

  1. Check The Battery

If you’ve been using the cleaning robot for a long time, now might be a good time to get a fresh battery.

While the battery status is not directly related to these minor discovery errors, you will still need to check the battery and get it replaced.

battery check

The Roborock system is bound to malfunction when the battery status is not optimal.

So, if you’ve not changed the battery in the last few years, there is no harm in spending some money on a new one.

Just make sure to get a reliable replacement that is compatible with the battery. Otherwise, you will just be wasting your time, and the battery will create further problems..

So, keep that in mind and check the battery status after going through all of the maintenance routines. Hopefully, a new battery will help you address the majority of these errors.

  1. Adjust Elevation Of The Unit

If you’ve not been able to narrow down these errors, you should further isolate the errors with the elevation of the dock.

Make sure to rely on some thin cardboard pieces to adjust the elevation of this device.

The Roborock system won’t engage with the dock when the elevation is not optimal. So, if you have any small wooden blocks and the floor is a bit slanted, just adjust the position.

Using a level will help you get ahead of these errors.

So, there is no harm in fixing the positioning of the Roborock system when it is not engaging correctly with the dock. There is no debate that these problems are related to the programming side of things.

However, you still have to make sure that the device elevation is optimal. Ideally, the problem with the Roborock system will be fixed right here.

Otherwise, getting a new one might be the only solution.

  1. Claim Warranty 

The only thing you can do about defective sensors is to call the dealer to claim the warranty.

As long as your claim is valid, you will get a free replacement, or the dealer will help you repair the unit.

warranty claim

So, instead of wasting hours trying to fix the sensors yourself, try to seek help from customer support professionals.

They will help you fix the problem more effectively without wasting any time diagnosing the issue.

Even if the warranty is expired, you have to reach out to the customer care team. They are more than willing to help customers through these minor errors.

So, you should call these experts and help them narrow down the problem.

Once the issue has been identified, the fix will become pretty easy. However, you will have to seek support from a certified expert from Roborock support.

Wrapping Up

These are a few methods that you need to consider when the Roborock system can’t find the docking station.

Usually, a quick power cycle and the adjustment of the dock will address these errors. So, make sure you do that before relying on other fixes.

If the issue is not fixed quickly, you will have to reset the device back to factory settings. From there, you can set up the unit from scratch and then pair it up with the mobile device.

However, if you’re still not successful, then you’ll know that your Roborock is defective.

ask expert

The Roborock support or dealer will help you secure a fresh piece. It will take a while to get a new piece. So, keep that in mind and involve these experts.

They will be more than happy to help you with a fresh piece if the unit is indeed defective.

Lastly, if you don’t have a warranty, then you will have to purchase a new device. However, it can still help to reach out to customer support.

Maybe they will be able to help you narrow down these errors. So, there is no harm in getting help from these experts.

Ideally, the device will be fixed with the power cycle routine, and you won’t have to go through all these methods!

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