Ring Keypad Power Save Mode For Battery-Saving

Ring Keypad Power Save Mode
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Ring Keypad Power Save Mode

Ring got tons of proactive features that would make your life a lot easier. These features add to the utility of your doorbell and they also let you enjoy the smart doorbell to its fullest. Not only that, but you are also going to get some features such as smart security and power save mode that will essentially help you save battery on the Ring doorbell.

We all know that the Ring doorbell is a battery-operated drive and it is always operating on the battery power to avoid any interruptions in case of power failures. But you might want to save your battery on the device if there is a long power outage or something is wrong with the wiring.

Ring Keypad Power Save Mode

How does it work?

The option allows you to disable any motion sensor on the doorbell to conserve the battery. The mode buttons and the number pod will not light up until you press a button. The LED will also be restricted and you will only be able to see the status of your doorbell at the current time. The feature will not stop anything with the functioning of the doorbell or some sort of keypad but will save the power and battery for you by turning the lights off that are not critically needed.

How to enable/disable

The keypad power saving mode is not that easy like toggling a button on the application. So, to start that, you will need to open the application, and then you will need to tap on the “Devices” button. Here, you will need to select the particular ring doorbell that you want to turn this feature on or off.

Once you have selected the device, you will see lots of features there, scroll down for the Alarm Base Station. Under that menu, you will be able to see the keypad. Here, click on the gear icon in front and you will be able to find the button that will help you to enable/disable the feature.

What will you have to compromise?

Now, you might be thinking as every battery saving feature on these devices makes you compromise on one thing or another as it reduces the optimal performance and one or more features are simply disabled. So, on battery saving mode on the keypad specifically, the motion sensors will be turned off.

There is a motion sensor on the keypad that activates automatically and lights up the keypad for you. So, the keypad will not be lighting up automatically but you will need to press a button on the keypad. This will ensure that battery power is not wasted on the motion sensors and excessive lights and it will conserve the power for you.

But if you are in need of saving some more power and are expecting the electricity to be out for quite some time, you can simply enable the power saving mode on the doorbell and it is going to disable some more features but not any critical ones to ensure enough power is conserved.

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