4 Ways To Fix Ring Doorbell Chime Buzzing

Ring Doorbell Chime Buzzing
Ring Doorbell Chime Buzzing

Ring Doorbell is one of the best options that you can get out there. In addition to having the smart connectivity and features such as motion sensor, arming options, and a lot more including the live broadcast, you also get to enjoy a chime on the doorbell allowing you to have the feel of a traditional doorbell as well. However, if you are having some issues like the chime on your ring doorbell buzzing for no apparent reason, you will need to take care of the following.

Ring Doorbell Chime Buzzing

1. Update the application

Your Ring doorbell doesn’t send out the signal electronically but over the Wi-Fi connection. The triggers and alerts are controlled by the application you might have. If you are noticing your chime buzzing, this might be caused due to some sort of interference with the application or there might be certain errors causing you to face this problem. All you need to do in this case is to update the application on your smartphone device and it might work out for you. This is not much but it is a good troubleshooting step to start with.

2. Restart your doorbell

The doorbell can be stuck in some loop, or there might be some error on the doorbell that can trigger some false alarms or it can send out signals causing your chime to be buzzing. You need to make sure that you restart the doorbell properly. Once you have restarted the doorbell and it will reboot all hardware and software components. So, if the issue is with any software or hardware part temporarily stuck, it will most probably be resolved and you will not have to deal with the buzzing sounds again.

3. Check the wiring

This can also be caused due to some short circuit within the wiring that you are using. You will need to make sure to effectively check the wiring on both your doorbell and chime. Since both of the devices need the power to run, any resistor issues, some wiring malfunction, or damage can cause you to have the issue with your chime buzzing on its own. To fix up the problem in this case, you will need to have an electrician visit your place.

The electrician will be able to diagnose the issue for you effectively. They will also be able to fix up the wiring for you and that way you will stop the ring doorbell chime to be buzzing.

4. Get the Technician

You will need to get the technician down your place if you have tried everything and nothing has worked out for you. There are different components in the doorbell and chime that can cause you to have the problem. Your doorbell chime might be gone bad, or there can be an issue with the signal broadcaster or receiver. The technician will be able to diagnose the problem for you and help you with a proper fix. You might need to repair or replace the doorbell and that is best recommended by the technician from Ring Support.

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  1. I fixed my ring pro2 from low voltage and humming. I had the traditional pushbutton type doorbell on both doors front and back. when I hooked up my ring power pack onto my mechanical chime, I hooked up the front door (newly installed ring pro) to the post on my mechanical chime marked “Front”. and wired everything as instructed. couldn’t figure out why the low voltage when I had 17v’s at chime. I discovered that they reversed front doorbell wire, the front was connected to the “rear” post. once I reversed the wires … Bingo, Voltage good and no hum.

    • Dude, you are my hero! I have been on the phone with Ring three different times to have them help me figure this out. They have replaced my Doorbell Pro three times and I have checked and double checked wiring, bypassed my mechanical chime, and pulled the remainder of my hair out! I just tried your “solution” and like you said, “bingo,” no more humming! Thank you for posting your solution!


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