MyQ Serial Number Not Recognized: 6 Ways To Fix

myq serial number not recognized
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myq serial number not recognized

Smart Homes are the modern way of living. MyQ offers some of the best smart home tech solutions that the users can set up in their living spaces to enjoy a truly modern, convenient, and efficient smart home experience.

How To Fix MyQ Serial Number Not Recognized

Despite being easy to install and use, some MyQ users have faced issues with the software. One such issue that has been reported by many users is MyQ not recognizing their serial number. If you are facing this issue of MyQ not recognizing your serial number, there are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot the issue. They are listed below:

1) Check For the Green Light

The first thing that you need to do is to verify that the power to the gateway device is turned on. It will have a green-colored LED. You can find it under the adjustment button in Wi-Fi GDO. If you are using MyQ Garage then you will be able to find the green LED light on the front part of the Wi-Fi Hub. The Internet Gateway has this green LED light on the right side of the logo.

2) Enter the Correct Serial Code

Sometimes the users keep entering the wrong serial number and it leads to non-recognition. So make sure that you use the correct serial number. If you are not sure as to which one is the serial number, you can find it on the end panel label of the logic board in Wi-Fi GDO. You can also find it on the backside of MyQ Garage.

3) Make Sure You Are Entering the Correct Characters

The serial number consists of ten characters, A-F or 0-9. Make sure that you are using the correction characters. Sometimes the users make mistakes like entering zero as an “O” or a “B” as an “8.”  Also, you have to enter the characters with the correct spacing. It will be four characters and then space and then three characters and then space and then again three characters and then space.

 4) Use the Right Browser or MyQ App to Enter the Serial Number

In case you are trying to enter the serial number using the website, make sure that you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9 or a later version. You can also enter the serial number using the MyQ app.

5) Check The Circuit Board

Just in case you have tried the things mentioned above and the serial number still doesn’t get recognized, carefully open the unit. After that check its circuit board and see if you have matching serial numbers.

 6) Contact Customer Support

In some cases, the issue may be due to some other technical issues. In such cases, you can contact MyQ’s Technical Support Center.

 The Bottom Line

Non-recognition of MyQ serial number can be due to a number of different reasons. Taking the steps mentioned above will most probably resolve the issue for you. However, if everything else fails, you have the option to contact the MyQ Technical Support Center.

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