3 Most Common Marvin Door Lock Problems And Their Solutions

marvin door lock problems
marvin door lock problems

One of the many ways you can successfully secure your house is by purchasing the right lock doors. Although many brands offer various locks that can be used on doors and windows, Marvin is a solid choice that you can go for.

Speaking of which, if you already own a Marvin door lock, chances are that you may have encountered problems with it. While these problems will require different ways you can troubleshoot these, this article will be focused on telling you some of the most common problems that you can run into. So, here is what you should know about these:

Common Marvin Door Lock Problems

  1. Broken Door Lock

Even though these door locks are known to be durable, the locking mechanism can end up breaking. However, what makes this issue so annoying is that Marvin no longer gives any repairs on their products.

So, in case your lock breaks up, you won’t be able to get the company to fix the lock for you. However, this does not mean that your lock is beyond repair. You should still be able to find plenty of professionals who are more than capable to fix the door lock.

Alternatively, you can also try getting in touch with the dealer from whom you bought the product in the first place. Apart from that, you can physically take your door lock to any local repair shop and have it fixed.

  1. Lock Stuck in Position

Another common problem that many users have reported facing with these locks in particular is that they won’t be able to lock/unlock the door. More specifically, these users mentioned how the door lock is stuck at either one of these positions and won’t budge at all.

In case you end up running into the same problem, then we suggest you start with taking the handle off from its place and taking a good look at it. There’s a good chance that the latch mechanism might have stripped or latched off. To take a look at it, you should inspect the rod and the lock mechanism attached to the door handle.

Depending on the damage, you may or may not be able to fix this on your own. Though if you don’t have any idea about what you are doing, we recommend calling a professional and having him inspect the door lock for you.

  1. Difficulty Turning the Thumb Latch

A common problem that users have mentioned facing in the past is the thumb latch being too difficult to turn in any direction. To be more specific, users who were using the multipoint locking system had various problems with the thumb latch which ruined the whole experience.

Unfortunately, issues like these completely depend on the kind of hardware that you are using along with the doors themselves. Certain doors seem to go well with particular hardware due to which you will have to do a bit of homework before buying any door locks.

If you are looking to buy door locks, it is strongly advised that you have a door lock expert on your side as he should be able to suggest what products should you go for. Similarly, if you are already facing the latch issue, you can try getting it inspected, although this is how these locks are integrated because of which there’s hardly a chance that you will be able to get it fixed.

The Bottom Line:

Experiencing problems with the Marvin door lock? Given the fact that Marvin no longer gives any repairs on their product, encountering any problem with them can be quite annoying to deal with. Still, if you do face any issue with their door locks, we highly recommend going through the article written above.

Doing so should help you get a better idea of the things that you can try to troubleshoot these problems. So, all you have to do is to give the article a thorough read!

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