3 Ways To Fix Lumiman Can’t Connect

lumiman can't connect
lumiman can’t connect

Lumiman is a brand that manufactures smart lights bulbs for its users. You can connect these to your mobile phone through your internet connection. Which then allows you to access all the features on these devices. The process is really simple and you can even consult the manual to help you out. Aside from this, there are many different services that you are provided with.

These include changing the color of these bulbs. The products are great and these should last you a long time. Although, you should note that there are some problems that you can still get on these. One of these is that the Lumiman bulb can’t connect to the internet. If you are getting this problem then here are some steps that should help you out in fixing it.

How To Fix Lumiman Can’t Connect?

  1. Check Application

Usually, the most common reason for getting issues with connectivity is that either you have not set up the device correctly. Alternatively, you might be using a different application that is made for a separate device.

Make sure that you are not using the Lumiman App but have the software known as plus-minus Smarthome installed instead. This application is one that was made to control and connect your smart bulbs. Considering this, using this software should most likely fix the problem that you were getting.

  1. Connect Devices to the Same Network

Sometimes the user might have several internet connections in their house. This usually happens when there are lots of people who use internet connection. Keeping this in mind, you should note that the smart bulbs made by Lumiman require users to connect all of these to the same Wi-Fi connection. You will then have to connect your mobile phone to this network as well.

If you have connected these devices to different internet connections then this is most likely why you are getting the problem. Remove the connections from them and connect all of these devices to the same network. If you are experiencing issues with the signal strength. Then one option is to set up a router at your home. This will extend the overall signal length for you and fix your problem.

  1. Check Internet Connection

In some cases, the problem can be from your internet instead. This is why you need to check your connection using a speed test. This will show you if there are any issues with the speed. These programs are free to use and you can either use them directly on the browser. Alternatively, you can even download an application on your mobile phone instead.

If there are any issues with your internet speed then try to reset or reboot the device. If this does not fix your problem then you will have to contact the customer service of your ISP. They should help you in identifying the issue and then fix it as soon as possible. If the package that you are using is slow in general then you should consider upgrading it.

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