Kasa vs Treatlife Smart Switch – Which One’s Better?

kasa vs treatlife smart switch
kasa vs treatlife smart switch

People usually know how annoying it can get to switch on or off your light bulbs and fans. This is especially the case if these outlets or switchboards are placed far away from where you usually sit. This is where smart plugs come in. You can install them at your home and are then given access to control all of these through your mobile phones.

While the functionality for these devices might differ from each other. The overall usage for these is the same. Many companies manufacture these products which can make it difficult to choose between them. Two of the most debated brands are Kasa and Treatlife. We will be using this article to provide you with a comparison between them so that it can be easier for you to select one.

Kasa vs Treatlife Smart Switch


Kasa is a famous brand that manufactures several smart home devices for its users. You can easily check their lineup by opening up their website. This contains all the products that they have available and you can even open their pages to see all the specifications. This makes it easy for people to purchase these devices for their homes.

The best thing about Kasa is that while other companies require you to connect all your equipment to a single hub. The devices made by this brand can start functioning right after you connect them to your Wi-Fi connection. The process is really simple but if you are having any issues. Then it is recommended that you consult the manual to help you out.

Aside from this, the layout of switches made by Kasa is durable. This is because the company uses a metallic coating on them to prevent these from getting damaged. The dimmers and buttons are also really stable. This makes it easy for people to press the switches without having to worry about others getting pressed along them. Kasa also provides people with voice command features.

Which can be accessed by signing up your voice assistant with the product. After completely setting up your devices, you can finally start controlling them from your mobile phone. As long as the user is connected to the same network connection as their devices, there should be no problem in changing their settings. The company has also been featured in some magazines and has even be certified by UL.


Treatlife is another famous brand that is known for manufacturing smart products. This includes bulbs, switches, and even plugs that you can use. All of these can be controlled through your mobile phone or any other device that supports your connection. The company also uses Wi-Fi signals to establish connections which means that the procedure to set them up is quite similar to Kasa.

Aside from this, you should note that the switches made by Treatlife have a plastic coating on them. This makes them look cheap when compared to Kasa. These are fragile and you can even accidentally push a few buttons together when clicking on one. Even the look of these switches looks awful when put up against the premium-made switches made by Kasa.

However, the dimmers made by Treatlife are touch-sensitive which means that you can easily switch between the levels and they feel modern. You can even adjust the brightness of your bulbs from either the switches or by your phone. Although, you have to note that the light bulb you are using should also support this feature. You can even purchase these along with your switches from Treatlife. They have many different lineups that you can go for and some of their bulbs can even change colors.

The switches from this company are also able to connect to voice assistants so it takes out the worry of having to click on buttons all the time. The application also offers you a service to set up schedules. This will automatically switch off and on your light bulbs according to the time you have entered. You can even control your devices when you are outside your home. However, make sure that all of your devices are connected to the internet and there is no problem with your connection. Both the companies are great and in the end, it depends on which product you like the most.

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