5 Ways To Fix Life360 Internal Error

life360 internal error
life360 internal error

Life360 is a safety application that can help you keep track of your family members. To maximize the safety of your family you can add them to your circle and that will keep you updated about their current location at all times. There are many different features along with the location service that you can use.

The setup procedure is quite easy as the application will guide you through each step. If for some reason you keep getting internal errors then you can utilize the troubleshooting steps mentioned below.

How to Fix Life360 Internal Error?

  1. Relog 

This issue usually occurs when the application is not able to communicate with the servers. In this scenario, re-logging into your Life360 account might just fix the error. So, just launch the application and open the app menu. Scroll down and tap the log out option and then close the app.

After logging out you need to reboot your mobile device and then launch the application again. Type in your credentials to log into the app and check if you’re getting the server error or not.

  1. Clear App Data

If you’re experiencing a bug in your application then clearing the app data can help your problem. You’ll need to access your phone settings and then navigate to the Life360 app from there. Select storage options after clicking on the app settings and then you’ll be able to clear the app data by tapping on the “Clear All Data” option. After that launch the application again and try using your Life360 account. It should connect to the server without any trouble.

  1. Update Application

Sometimes you can run into similar issues if you have not updated your application in a long time. There is a high probability that your issue will be resolved after you download the latest version of Life360 on your mobile phone. So, just open the app store and type Life360, click update and then wait a few minutes for the update to download. After the installation is complete you can try using the application again and your problem will likely be resolved.

  1. Check Network

Another common reason why you’re not able to get your application connected to the server is that you might have a poor connection. The majority of times, data subscriptions of users expire which is why they keep getting connection errors. You need to make sure that the app has access to a stable network, otherwise, you’ll keep running into similar errors. You can either switch to a more powerful network or upgrade your data subscription to avoid issues like this in the future.

  1. Life360 Support

If the application is still not working for some reason, then you can always ask the Life360 team to help you fix the problem. That way you won’t have to take guesses about what is wrong with your application. A professional member will guide you through different steps of the troubleshooting procedure. Just follow their instruction closely and they will have your issue fixed in no time.

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  1. My invite code doesn’t work. Invalid. I just got it sent to me, from someone in the same room. I’ll try to see if she can resend one… That setup, and then this anticlimactic pfffft.

  2. I need help logging my daughter back into Life360, I’m trying to log her back in and it keeps saying “sorry, unsupported character set encountered” please help

  3. When I try to log my son back in its saying
    An unknown error has occurred please check your Internet connection and try again

    There’s nothing wrong with the Internet connection


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