LED Light Bulb Smells Like Burning Plastic: What To Do?

led light bulb smells like burning plastic
led light bulb smells like burning plastic

You should always buy your smart home products from premium and reliable brands like Philips. Yes, they will cost a bit more but in the long run, they will save you a lot of headaches. Moreover, you will also get a lot of additional features by choosing premium products. So, if you want to avoid running into issues then make sure the brand, you’re choosing is reliable.

Some users that bought cheap LED light bulbs have mentioned a wide variety of issues that they often run into. In this article, we will be going over what you should do if your LED light bulb smells like burning plastic.

LED Light Bulb Smells Like Burning Plastic

It is a very common issue with LED light bulbs, most often than not this issue is related to the fixture and the power flow from the socket. Sometimes wiring issues can also cause this problem.

So, the first thing you should check is the area around the bulb fixture. Make sure to remove the power first and then take the bulb out of the fixture. If you notice that the plastic is melting around the fixture then it is likely that the bulb wattage is too high.

When the power flow is too high, it is very common for the fixture to get melted because of the heat generated. So, if you smell the plastic around the bulb fixture burning then it is likely that your bulb is drawing too much power. In this situation, either you can replace the fixture and use a better one or replace the LED bulb for a weaker wattage that won’t emit too much heat.

This issue is most common in cheap LED bulbs that have poor circuitry in their base. So, if you’re using an off-brand LED bulb then it is recommended that you switch to a more reliable brand like Sengled LED bulbs. Some users have also mentioned that when they checked the fixture, there were dead bugs stuck inside which is why the plastic was melting.

So, if you smell the plastic burning it would probably be best to take out the bulb from the fixture to check if there is something stuck between the contact points. Anything stuck in between the contact points will cause unnecessary resistance that will heat the fixture causing it to melt.

All you have to is remove the power from the fixture and use a blower to clear out any dirt or bugs. After that just install the bulb again and the smell should stop coming.


The majority of times this issue only occurs in cheap LED light bulbs that have poor circuitry. The first thing you should do to fix this error checks the wattage of the bulb.

If it exceeds the maximum limit of your fixture then your best option is to switch to a weaker bulb. Sometimes, removing dust and dead bugs from your fixture can also fix this issue but remember to always disconnect the power before you clean the contact points.

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